Daytona Homes: Staying Active This Winter

Thu, Dec 03, 2015 at 7:30PM

With sunny skies, dry weather and low temperatures across Florida, now is the perfect time to get out and stay active with your family. Not only do activities like biking, hiking and walking help you maintain your health—they can be fun to do, too!

Read on to see a few of our favorite ways to stay active during the winter.

Go for a walk

Sometimes, the most enjoyable activities truly are the simplest. This winter, try taking a walk to start or cap off your day, or simply to enjoy some fresh air. You will be able to enjoy breezy weather as you stroll through the scenic grounds of our community—and you can go alone or with loved ones!

Enjoy a bike ride around the community

Have everyone hop on their bikes for this group activity. Enjoy a bike ride throughout the community as you stick to the sidewalks and enjoy the weather and scenery from a comfortable riding position. You can ride around the neighborhood or give your bike ride a firm destination, like a nearby café or park for a family picnic.

Play a game of tennis

For a fast-paced activity the whole family can enjoy, few activities are as universally enjoyable as tennis. Head to the clay courts at Plantation Bay to enjoy a world-class experience with your loved ones by your side—then cool off with lunch or drinks at the country club!

Spend an afternoon gardening

To get active and beautify your home at the same time, consider taking up gardening! While it may not seem like much, the movements you put into gardening (kneeling down, lifting plants, moving your arms, etc.) add up to an impressive sum of activity. Just like the other activities on our list, gardening can be enjoyed solo or with family by your side.

Rollerblade through the neighborhood

Rollerblading is a fun, fast-paced activity that combines the movement of your legs with the gliding motion of wheels. Enjoy this activity as you make your way through the neighborhood—and be sure to stop along the way to enjoy the natural scenery that surrounds you!

Play backyard games

Finally, don’t forget how fun simple, old fashioned backyard games can be! Today, you can find classic outdoor games like croquet and badminton in bags ready to be assembled for backyard play. And of course, there’s always Frisbee, pickup soccer and other games that require nothing more than a ball (or disc) and a few eager players.

No matter how you get active this winter, the important thing is that you’re staying fit and spending time with family—and in our Kargar communities, there is no shortage of new things to try and places to see! What are your favorite activities at this time of year?


Daytona Homes: Staying Active This Winter

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