Daytona Homes: Pink Décor for Every Home

Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 9:30AM

Daytona Homes: Pink Décor for Every Home

Does Valentine’s Day have you seeing pink? When it comes to home décor, you don’t need to string up hearts or plaster your walls with greeting cards to add the whimsical color to your space—in fact, there are plenty of ways to add a subtle splash of pink to your home, now and throughout the year!

Today, we’re taking a look at a few fun ideas worth trying.

Try a muted look

The idea of a room painted completely in pink may startle you—especially when you talk about the master bedroom, living room, or even dining spaces. But not every pink has to be quite so bold—in fact, a muted pink (which is much closer to cream than it is bubble gum!) can work surprisingly well in these areas. The light splash of color will warm up the room and give it some personality, without making it too feminine or childish.

Splash pink onto an accent wall

Bolder versions of pink can find a place on the walls of your home, too—if you want to avoid the shock factor, while still maintaining a bit of whimsy, you can use them in accent areas. Consider a hallway bathroom, closet interior, craft nook or front entryway as blank slates for a bit of color fun. Since these spaces are smaller than, say, your dining room or master bedroom, you will be able to enjoy the color while not being overwhelmed.

Add cheery pink accents

You don’t need to pursue a full-scale paint job to add the color to your space. You can start small with cheery pink accents—pillows, area rugs, or coffee table knick-knacks are all sure to brighten up your space in small, simple doses.

Freshen up your space with flowers

Even if you’re not ready to take the pink plunge just yet, you can freshen up any space—neutral or not—with a vase of fresh roses or tulips, or a standalone orchid that’s sure to “wow.”

Put a salmon spin on traditional pink

As we mentioned above, every shade of pink is different. The color of salmon is an orange-leaning pink that can be used without hesitation in communal spots like the kitchen or living room for a wash of warm, tropical color.

Pink is all about fun, whimsy, and affection—making it a perfect addition to any living space. We hope that today’s blog helps you achieve a dash of pink in your own home, this February and beyond!

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