Daytona Homes: Making the Most of Your Waterfront View

Wed, Oct 14, 2015 at 4:25PM

If you live in a waterfront home, you get to enjoy both the beautiful view and the relaxing effect the water has on you, your family and friends. Are you looking for ways to maximize your waterfront space and make it even more livable? In today’s blog, we’ll be looking at how you can do just that.

Make the water inviting

To make the waterfront more inviting and draw guests’ eyes to the water, you can use dimensional devices like stepping stones, wooden walkways or stone paths. This is a great idea even if you don’t plan on getting in the water! By creating some sort of pathway, you’re allowing your family and guests to walk right up and enjoy the view without having to worry about getting dirty.

Turn your backyard into an entertaining space

If you haven’t done so already, converting your backyard into a space that’s more conducive to entertaining is a surefire way to make the most of your waterfront property. How do you go about doing this? It can be as simple as adding (or updating) comfy patio furniture and lounge seating, or as intricate as restructuring your patio to make it larger or more guest friendly. You can also add string lights or torches to illuminate the space and make it apt for entertaining, even at night. If your home is equipped with an outdoor kitchen, now is the time to hose it down and stock it up with your guests’ favorite foods, drinks and snacks. Finally, perfecting your patio landscaping with the addition of flowers, potted plants or shrubs can add a welcoming scent to your entertaining space… as well as some vivid coloring!

Play it safe

We know that safety is always a big concern, especially for families with young children or frequent young visitors. For this reason, you may want to take a few simple measures to keep your waterfront space safe. Installing a gated fence is one way to do this… you will be able to keep little ones from wandering toward the water, and at the same time you will be able to keep unwanted critters away from your home and patio.

Improve the view from indoors

When finding ways to maximize your waterfront space, don’t forget the view from indoors! Being able to enjoy the view from both indoors and out is one of the greatest parts of having a waterfront home. Be sure to clear away any obstructive plants, furniture or other items that block the view from inside your home. If you’re interested in changing this part of your home on a larger scale, you may want to consider switching your current windows for wider, more expansive ones that let in more light (and more of that great view!).

Add water features

There’s no better way to connect your home with the waterfront than by adding water features to your outdoor space. These can be as simple as freestanding fountains or as large scale as a new pool or hot tub. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to make your waterfront space more inviting for guests year round!

Daytona Homes: Making the Most of Your Waterfront View

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