Daytona Homes: Getting Creative with Family Photos

Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 4:10PM

Family photos—we love them and cherish them, but they can often accumulate on our walls without any cohesive design or style. You may see it taking place in your own home: a cluster of mismatched photo frames grouped together on the wall, a group of stand-up frames fighting for attention on the mantel, or a set of blown-up photo canvases that don’t quite go with your home’s décor. On the other hand, you might want to show off your family’s precious moments, but don’t really know what to do with that album sitting on your computer.

We can all benefit from some creative thinking when it comes to displaying family photos. Here are six ideas you can try that will mesh together sentiment and style in your home.

Shadowbox: You may be familiar with this type of artistic display—a case protected by glass that you can hang up and use to display small trinkets, keepsakes and family mementos. But a do-it-yourself shadowbox can also be used to show off your family photos in a unique way! By pairing a special photo with memories of that day, cut-out sayings, medals, dried flowers, ticket stubs… whatever it is that made your memory so special, you can easily make a statement that a photo on its own can’t quite make. Hang up your shadowbox on the wall or place it on a mantel—this could become your go-to way to memorialize special events and moments in your family!

Family tree… literally: This idea takes a bit of commitment, but we love it! Whether you’re a painter yourself or would be more comfortable contracting it out, have a tree and several of its branches and leaves painted on a wall in your home. This could be an accent wall in your family room, dining room or den, for example. Hang family photos on the branches to create your own makeshift family tree! The great part about this idea is that you can switch out photos as they come, but you’re never at a shortage for wall space—the entire wall is dedicated to your family’s memories! And don’t get caught up in the traditional idea of a family tree—you can hang up portraits, group photos, or whatever you’ve got.

Chalkboard paint: Pick up a photo frame with a large frame area and paint it with chalkboard paint (which you can generally get where paint is sold). Once your frame is dry, hang it up and supply your kids or guests with chalk to decorate the frame!

DIY canvas frame: You may be already have a host of photos blown up onto canvases, but using the canvas as a frame is a uniquely artistic idea. You can glue a photo to the center of a large white canvas for a minimalist look. If you’re not a fan of the bare appearance, you can paint the canvas another color—several differently-colored canvases placed together on a white wall can add a helpful pop of color. You can also have kids help personalize the canvas frame with finger paint or other artwork.

Clever arrangement: Sometimes the biggest statement comes from how the photos are physically arranged on a wall, not what’s framing them. Grouping together several small photos in a perfect circle, heart or stripe on your wall can add a subtle wow factor to any space.

Photo keepsakes: In small, busy places, photos on a wall or shelf can be overbearing. In these cases, a personalized pillow or blanket with your family’s photos on it can be enough to add sentiment to a space without making it feel disordered and busy.

Daytona Homes: Getting Creative with Family Photos

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