Daytona Homes: A More Permanent Spring Clean

Fri, Apr 10, 2015 at 7:10AM

It’s that time of the year again… time to return to bright grassy lawns, afternoons spent in the pool and, of course, some much-needed cleaning here and there. While spring cleaning is hugely beneficial on its own, it is also able to show us those things in our homes that need some extra attention: often spaces like closets, garages and other hidden nooks and crannies.

Instead of focusing all your energy on getting your house clean this spring, try some of these more permanent projects, geared at making your home clean and well-functioning for months and years to come:

Closet storage: Once things start to pile up, the closet can turn messy and hard-to-deal with, which is why so many well-intentioned springtime cleaning projects ultimately fall short of offering any long-term solution. That’s why working to make your closet more functional, spacious and orderly now can save you and your family struggle down the line. Contact us to see if we, partnered with Extreme Alterations, can help maximize your storage space, no matter the square footage you’re working with.

Kitchen revamp: Springtime is a busy season for home renovations. If you’re planning on a large-scale redesign project, use the opportunity as a means of achieving some order as well. Your modern, customized kitchen cabinet set can help you store what you need and hide away what you usually don’t. Certain methods of storage, like hanging pots and pans off the ceiling, may seem new to you at first—but don’t be afraid to give these helpful changes a try!

Bathroom space: When running low on storage space, you may not always think about your bathroom—but for many of us, this is the exact place we could use more storage. If bathroom clutter is taking over your home, consider replacing sleek, minimalist sinks with more spacious ones just as appealing.

Daytona Homes: A More Permanent Spring Clean

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