Daytona Homes: A Look at the Kargar Casita

Tue, Oct 04, 2016 at 9:37AM

Daytona Homes: A Look at the Kargar Casita

You may have noticed something unique about our 2016 Parade of Homes Showcase home, the Earth. This home proudly features a luxurious living space off the main house and across the courtyard—and the space, known as a casita or little house, is perfect for families in a variety of living situations.

Take a look at today’s blog to see just how versatile this “little house” can be, with six smart ways to use your own!

Mother-in-law suite

A mother-in-law suite is an excellent use of your home’s casita. For parents who move in with their families for added comfort and convenience, there’s no better way to blend independent living with an easily accessible main house (and, of course, the people in it!).

Guest space

If you have the spare space on hand, you probably love treating your house guests to the luxury experience—and a casita is perfectly positioned to let you do just that. Your friends or visiting loved ones can relax and feel right at home with a bedroom, closet and bathroom that’s just for them, while still joining you, their host, for fun, meals, entertainment and more during the day. And of course, the beautiful poolside view is sure to be reminiscent of their favorite hotel visits.

Home office

Do you work from home, or want to devote more time to your studies or a special project? A casita turned home office will let you spend hours focusing on your task when it counts the most—then you get to walk across your home courtyard and return to the comfort and relaxation of your main house. For those who struggle with separating work and home life, a detached home office might be just the thing you need.

Independent living

If your teenager craves more independence, a casita lets them enjoy a space of their own—without actually leaving home! It will let them learn the basics of home maintenance and responsibility in real time. Adult children who are returning home after college are also sure to enjoy the sense of separation while still being close to the ones they love.


What’s your passion? Whether it’s creating beautiful music or painting portraits of the people you love, your casita might be able to serve as your at-home studio. It’s a quiet place where you can hone your craft—and the beautiful view is sure to inspire your creative streak!

Family game room

Turn your casita into a family game room and entertainment space, where you, your friends and loved ones can enjoy game nights, movie marathons and more. Your child might also love using the space for parties and sleepovers of their own! Add a popcorn machine and a few tabletop games, and it will be a room poised to be the most fun spot on the block.

Which of these great uses do you plan to put in place for your own casita? Let us know!

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