Daytona Beach Luxury Homes: Where Green Meets Pristine

Sat, Apr 01, 2017 at 8:05AM

Daytona Beach Luxury Homes: Where Green Meets Pristine

We all know the benefits of green living—it’s fresh, simple, and allows us to live harmoniously with the world around us. But how do you get started?

While there are dozens of things you can do to live a greener life, simply living in a custom Kargar home can help you accomplish many of them. In honor of Earth Day this April, we’re taking a look at one such ho­me—aptly named “Earth”—and the unique ways it can satisfy modern homeowners’ needs for both luxury and eco-consciousness. Take a look.

A one-story that doesn’t skimp on space

Some people want a spacious home. Some want a one-story space. At Ka­­rgar, we don’t believe that the two should be mutually exclusive!

We’ve put together the best of both worlds in the Earth, a home whose 3056 square feet of living space spreads out to include four bedrooms, four baths, and high ceilings that add to the luxury feel of the home. That much space in a one-story is an attractive feature for many shoppers, from multigenerational families (who will be pleased to find added space in the home’s attached casita) to those who prefer stair-free accessibility.

Indoor-outdoor living

A spacious courtyard sits at the heart of the Earth, serving as a pool and patio space as well as a breezy transition from room to room—it’s not your average hallway! Indoor-outdoor living has never been easier, since fun activities like outdoor dinners or afternoon swims aren’t relegated to the “back” of your home—they’re part of it!

Your dream kitchen

We’ve put something special into the Earth’s gourmet kitchen. This award-winning kitchen features an open floorplan, facilitating easy entertaining, and has all the fixings (like a long bar seating area) to make for effortless dinners or family get togethers.

Kargar’s Green Initiative

At Kargar, we know a truly luxurious home goes beyond looks—it entails the materials and systems that make your home, your home!

Kargar’s Green Initiative means that green, eco-friendly features come standard in Earth and our other custom homes. From 100 percent recyclable nylon carpets, to programmable thermostats that ensure you’re always as cool and comfy as possible, we’ve made sure to craft our homes as eco-consciously as possible. They’re the best for you, and the best for the world around you.

Learn more about our green features by calling our office today or browsing through our website—we look forward to working with you!

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