Daytona Beach Homes: Your Backyard Oasis

Thu, Jul 09, 2015 at 9:20AM

Beautiful, glittering backyards don’t need to be reserved for home magazines and TV shows—you can have one of your own! Everyone wants a backyard or patio space where they can entertain, unwind after stressful days, and enjoy the beautiful Florida summertime. Here are some of our favorite ideas on how to achieve just that:

Add a moving water element.

The sound and sight of moving water produces a tranquil effect that’s unparalleled by any amount of fancy décor. And adding an element of moving water to your patio, pool or backyard doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your current landscaping. If you have a pool, consider designing a tropical resort style waterfall that can run over rocks on the pool’s edge. You can also install laminar jets that will shoot across your pool for a smaller scale project.

Don’t have a pool? That’s no problem—you can always pick up a freestanding fountain, sculpture or even bird bath that will constantly recycle water for a similar effect.

Surround yourself with twinkling lights.

If you have a tree or any kind of overhanging structure, you can add twinkling string lights to it to make your backyard oasis cozier and more relaxing. We’ve seen these lights strung up on pergolas, balcony railings and trees, but you can add them wherever you see fit!

Plan your own garden hideaway.

Plants and nature in general are naturally relaxing elements. If you have a garden or green space you want to showcase, add stepping stones to lead the way to it. Now this is one spot you want to really be covered in flowers—plant (or pot) your most beautiful, colorful and fragrant flowers here. Place a small bench at the center of your space to make it a relaxing retreat for yourself and your guests.

Let the breeze in with airy curtains.

We traditionally use curtains on the inside of our home’s windows—but hanging them from your patio’s ceiling or from another structure (like a pergola or lattice) can be an unexpected but worthwhile addition. Use white, billowy curtains to dress up the outdoor space—not only do they look breezy and majestic, but they’re also functional when you want to relax outdoors without facing the sun head on.

Gather around a warm fire.

Nothing brings friends and family together like a warm fire on a fun summer night… after all, it’s what our favorite summertime camping memories practically revolve around! Add a stone or metal fire pit to your yard for a rustic feel and watch as your guests gather around to roast marshmallows and enjoy old fashioned s’mores.

A fire pit can be put together rather easily if you have space for it. But if you prefer a more lightweight, temporary option, you can pick up a portable fire pit to accomplish the same purpose.

In summertime, we’re always looking for new ways to improve the look of our home inside and out. What are your favorite patio or backyard design tips for this time of year? We’d love to hear them!

Daytona Beach Homes: Your Backyard Oasis

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