Daytona Beach Homes: Live Like a Celebrity

Mon, Mar 06, 2017 at 9:05AM

Daytona Beach Homes: Live Like a Celebrity

Modern technology means it’s easier than ever to get a glimpse of the spaces our favorite celebrities call “home.” More often than not, these homes are characterized by lavish designs, at-home amenities, and luxurious features most of us only dream of—but why not do more than dream?

Your Kargar home sets a luxurious foundation—you just have to make it your own with custom touches! In today’s blog, we will be sharing a few ways to spruce up your space and give it a fun, star-style appeal. Take a look.

Take advantage of your custom space

Starting from the very beginning of the design process, you have a blank canvas on which to paint your ideas, passions, and preferences for your home. Put that opportunity to good use! Make your mark by integrating your vision into custom touches—after all, there’s a unique luxury in dressing up your space with designs and decor that are completely one-of-a-kind!

Organize like a pro

If you take a look at the office space, pantry, or refrigerator of your favorite celebrity, you’ll likely notice an extremely organized display—often sorted by color, and never an item out of place.

It may be easy to write off star-level organization as unattainable—but think again! Small, simple touches can help you achieve a neater, more put-together look in frequently-cluttered spaces. In your fridge, for example, you can keep items pulled to the front of the shelf so that you’re always greeted with an easy, orderly image of what there is to choose from (and so that you never have to spend more than a few seconds searching for your jar of pickles!). The same holds true for your pantry, where you can keep things running smoothly by bringing older boxes/jars/containers of food to the front, so that you don’t run into waste or forgotten-about ingredients.

Finally, simple organizational tools like re-used glass jars (that you probably already have on hand) can add a look of clean luxury to bathroom countertops, kitchen islands, and everywhere in between.

“Splurge” on simple touches

We’ve all seen movies of homes decorated in opulence from wall to wall—literally—with gold furniture and lavish upholstered surfaces. In the real world, however, that luxurious touch isn’t always so bold—in fact, it’s often most appreciated in the small, subtle accents of rich textures, hand-knit pillows, and other unique pieces.

We hope that these ideas help you achieve the living space you’ve been working toward! If you’re still in the design phase of your custom home, we here at Kargar can help you along the way with features and style decisions that work for you.

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