Daytona Beach Homes: 7 Tips for a Bug-Free Outdoor Space

Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 9:40AM

Daytona Beach Homes: 7 Tips for a Bug-Free Outdoor Space

What do you do when your summer party is crashed by uninvited guests of the six-legged variety?

It’s a nuisance we Floridians have come to accept as a fact of life—but while mosquitoes and other pests aren’t likely to disappear any time soon, there are a few ways to keep them from making an appearance when you don’t want them around.

Read on in today’s blog for 7 bug-free tips!

Assess your space

One of the first steps in tackling bug issues, big and small, is to simply assess your space. Explore the nooks and crannies of your home’s exterior to find out if there are any underlying issues, like nests or pesky plants that may attract bugs instead of keeping them away.

Take out the trash

Although you take out your trash regularly, the place you choose to keep your garbage bins as they fill up can affect the amount of bugs in your outdoor area. One obvious tip is to simply keep your bins away from the entertaining area—tucked away in a corner or unused side of your space. But if you’re already doing that, you can still make a positive change by putting a natural barrier around your bins, like a small row of bushes, or even surrounding them with a bug-busting solution like a mosquito lamp.

Add citronella candles

Of course, you don’t need electricity to ward off unwanted pests. Citronella candles are naturally-scented tools to help you maintain a bug-free space not by killing pests but by keeping them at bay, masking scents that usually attract them (even ones we can’t smell, like carbon dioxide, the stuff we breathe out naturally!).

Keep an eye out for standing water

Mosquitoes love standing water. Humans? Not so much. Mosquitoes use it as their breeding grounds, which is why you probably notice a whole lot more after a big rain storm, when puddles are likely to collect.

What you can do to avoid this issue? For starters, try to avoid having open containers or uneven landscapes where water is prone to puddling. That means old planters, kids’ buckets, etc. Additionally, after heavy rain, it’s worth checking around your home and even in the floats of your pool to see if any water has managed to pool up. If so, just dump it out and you’re done!

Maintain a clean outdoor kitchen

Loving your Kargar home’s outdoor kitchen? It’s a great, luxurious feature that makes outdoor entertaining a breeze. To prevent it from attracting the wrong kind of company, just be extra vigilant about post-meal cleanups. A stray crumb here or there inside the home may not amount to much, but in the open air it’s a welcome invitation to pests. The same goes for spills and other small messes in and around the kitchen.

Check your landscape

How’s your landscape looking? If you regularly see puddles of water on your lawn, you may have a drainage issue that can contribute to unwanted bugs around your space. This is a problem with a typically easy fix, however, and your landscaping team can help improve your irrigation so that it doesn’t impact your life.

Invest in more large-scale solutions

Have you tried everything, and aren’t quite seeing the results you hoped for? Larger-scale solutions such as the addition of a pool enclosure or other outdoor structures can help (plus, they look great and facilitate entertaining even further!).

You want your outdoor parties to be buzzing… but not with insects! We hope that today’s blog helps you achieve a home that’s cool, comfy, and pest-free all season long.

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