Daytona Beach Homes: 2016 Interior Design Trends

Fri, Jan 01, 2016 at 6:30PM

Happy New Year! With 2016 finally upon us, it’s time once again to look at the styles and trends that may very well shape interior design in the year ahead. We’ve compiled a list of a few such trends to share with you below.

Connection with nature

In 2016, many homes are expected to embrace a newfound connection with nature—and with all the beautiful views and greenery that surround us here in Florida, we’re excited about this!

This trend will present itself in a variety of ways. One is the inclusion of outdoor, organic elements (like earthy colors and décor items) on the inside of our homes. Another is the use of outdoor views (whether it’s a beach, your backyard, the golf course, etc.) as parts of your décor scheme by using large, expansive windows and curtains that frame the view outside… much like you would a work of art!

Metallic wallpaper

Metallic wallpaper should be popular in 2016, but not as a replacement for the walls of your home! Rather, expect to see metallic wallpaper in smaller accents—such as on the kitchen backsplash, in the bathroom or just above the bed. Few things say “luxury” quite like a metallic touch, so this is a trend that—when done correctly—can have a big and welcome impact on your home.

Grays and whites

Expect to see cool grays and whites as popular colors in 2016. Cool gray hues—as opposed to warmer, darker ones—are being increasingly used as the backdrop for many living and bedrooms. Whites are also growing in popularity; in fact, paint company Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2016 is actually called “Simply White,” and for good reason! More and more, we are seeing white treated as a color with a personality of its own, rather than a default color that needs to be dressed up or painted over. With the right accents and touches of color here and there, your white or cool gray walls can make a large impact on your home in 2016.

Gold accents

We are seeing gold being used more and more as an accent instead of more conventional options like silver. Embrace gold’s transition to the mainstream and expect to see it in kitchen hardware, bathroom faucets, lamps, accents and other décor pieces.


Finally, texture (and the deliberate use of it) is expected to be even bigger in 2016. While texture has always been a key component of interior design—since you want the surfaces you see to feel as they good as they look—it has been picking up recently in terms of buyers’ decisions and the careful use of texture in our homes.

How can you incorporate rich, soft and unique textures in your home? One big way is to balance ultramodern décor and furniture—like minimalist sofas and angular tables—with soft-edged, luxurious textures in the form of pillows, throw blankets and rugs… which can be layered on top of one another for a plush, luxurious effect.

What 2016 décor trend do you have your mind set on? Let us know below!

Daytona Beach Homes: 2016 Interior Design Trends

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