Daytona Beach Home Remodels: How to Stay Sane

Mon, Feb 01, 2016 at 9:30PM

Are you renovating your home this spring? While projects like kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels and other changes can be great for ringing in the new season, long term projects can sometimes get the best of us. But don’t worry—in today’s blog, we will be looking at a few key ways to stay sane throughout the process.

Plan ahead

One of the most important things to do before your home remodel is to plan ahead. This doesn’t just mean working out schedules, hiring professionals and other crucial measures… it also means finding alternative ways to live, work and play in your home while certain areas like your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc. are out of commission.

Making a solid plan now for meals, sleeping arrangements and other possible factors that will need to be changed during the renovation period can help you avoid stress and confusion later on.

Find ways to have fun

If your renovation affects a major area in your home, you might need to find something new to occupy yourself and your family during the process. If you need to get out of the house due to dust, noise, smells and other commotion, be sure to look for fun activities that can turn a stressful process into a pleasant one. Head to a new park, go to the movies, eat out at a favorite restaurant—whatever lets you get everyone together and out of the house for some much-needed fun time.

Even after you get back home, you will have a clear mind that’s ready for whatever may come its way!

Consider pets and young children

Pets and young children might need special consideration during this time, especially since their normal meal and playtime routines might be disrupted. Be sure to provide your children and furry friends a comfortable place to eat, play and relax that’s out of the work area. When possible, let your child know ahead of time that their routine might be switched around for the next couple of days, weeks, etc. so they can know what to expect.

Keep the end result in mind

Finally, when the stress or pressures of your renovation seem like too much, just breathe and think of the end result ahead! Large scale renovations may be daunting, but they only exist to provide you with the dream kitchen/bathroom/bedroom/home of your dreams, so always be sure to focus on the big picture.

Home renovations may be stressful, but there are several ways you can turn them from challenges into opportunities for fun. We hope that these tips help to make your home renovation as pleasant and seamless as possible!

Daytona Beach Home Remodels: How to Stay Sane

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