Daytona Beach Garage Ideas for Auto Aficionados

Tue, Sep 05, 2017 at 1:45AM

Daytona Beach Garage Ideas for Auto Aficionados

How do you embrace your passion for all things auto here in Daytona Beach? Start in your garage!

Spacious and expertly designed, your Kargar home’s garage is the perfect place to showcase your love of everything from custom cars to race day wares. Take a look below to see some of our best ideas for your new garage.

Try a checkered motif

If you love auto racing, there’s no better place than Daytona Beach to be! Here, it’s a sport that is embraced everywhere from our shores to our Speedway to, of course, our garages. You can show your support for the sport by employing a checkered motif in your garage (the kind that mirrors the checkered flag of victory!). Opt for checkered black and white tiles for a clean, classic, but impossible-to-miss touch friends and family will love.

Create a TV corner

Chances are, your garage isn’t just for storage and repairs. When you plan it out right, your garage can serve as a center of entertainment, too! Create a comfy TV corner with a TV set and an oversized armchair or two.  Here you can kick back with a good movie or, of course, the race you don’t want to miss.

Versatility is key

Like we just mentioned, your garage isn’t just a repair shop. Embrace the potential for versatility by carving out more space than you think you need. Set off a separate area where you don't plan to park or store anything, and let it be used for anything you might need: a workout spot, yoga corner, woodworking area or whatever else you might want!

Hang up tools and essentials

Even if you’ve got lots to store, you can still keep your garage floor clean and clear of excess clutter. Do this by hanging up tools and essentials from “floating” wall units and even convenient ceiling racks, freeing up floor space for parking, repairing, or simply admiring your car.

Remember the little touches, too

Of course, we can’t forget about the little touches! Small details like added outlets for tools or chargers, recessed lighting, race-themed décor and a cool mini fridge can bring your garage to the next level of functionality and enjoyment.

Planning your dream garage? Browse through our website to see photos and floor plans that can help you better visualize your new space!

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