Daytona Beach Family Fun: 5 Easy Halloween Decorations

Tue, Oct 04, 2016 at 9:35AM

Daytona Beach Family Fun: 5 Easy Halloween Decorations

Happy Halloween! This beloved fall holiday is all about fun, laughs, and of course, embracing the spooky side of life. To help you celebrate, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Halloween decorations to try right at home.

Create purr-fect black cat pumpkins

We all love the classic, spooky look of a glowing Jack-o’-Lantern—but why not switch things up this year? In addition to your traditional pumpkins, spray paint a few of them black and stick on pointy black felt ears—then simply paint or draw on glowing eyes, a pink nose and mischievous mouth. You’ll have a spooky black cat on your hands in no time! Put this fun Halloween decoration on your front porch to “wow” trick-or-treaters as they head to your door.

Design egg carton creepy crawlies

Egg cartons make for some of the simplest Halloween decorations, since their shape lends itself to a variety of creepy crawlies and other critters. Take an old carton and cut out individual portions to form the bodies of spiders or small bats, then paint the parts accordingly. You can add construction paper wings for a bat or pipe cleaners to form the eight long eggs of a spider—then stick on googly eyes for a fun, comical look. You can keep these little critters on your kitchen counter or a child’s nightstand, but they also work well suspended from the ceiling!

Craft mason jar mummies

If you have old jars on hand, you can use them for an easy craft this Halloween. Empty them out and wrap the exterior with white tissue paper or decorative streamers, like you would with a mummy. Then stick on googly eyes and insert a battery-powered tea light candle for a glowing effect family and guests will love.

Cover your home in cobwebs

A few dollars at the craft store can get you more fake cobwebs than you know what to do with. Surprise family and friends by decking out your home’s corners, nooks and crannies with creepy cobwebs to produce a spooky effect.

Mummify your front door

If you have leftover streamers from our mason jar craft, put them to use on your front door! Attach them in an overlapping fashion to your front door to give it a wrapped-up appearance, then color two paper plates to look like large mummy eyes. Neighbors will notice the fun look as they stroll by leading up to Halloween.

Which of these ideas do you plan to try this Halloween? Let us know, and be sure to share photos of your best displays!

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