Daytona Beach Custom Homes: Say “Wow” to Statement Windows

Thu, Oct 05, 2017 at 2:05PM

Daytona Beach Custom Homes: Say “Wow” to Statement Windows

Designing the home of your dreams? Let some of that classic Florida sun shine in, with the help of statement windows that set your space apart.

Keep reading to see some of our favorite ways to showcase a view and make a statement, all at once.

Enjoy a modern, curved look

Traditional windows are all about right angles—but there’s more than one way to let light into your space! One modern option is to include curved windows in your space, whether they come in the form of true circles for a smooth, geometric look, or traditional windows with rounded tops (known as an arched window). These options can help you balance out a more angular space, providing a unique perspective on the world outside your home!

Swap out your kitchen cabinets for wraparound windows

These days, many homeowners are opting to go without upper kitchen cabinets. It provides a light, more minimalist look—and in those cabinets’ place, you can install bright wraparound windows that light up your space with airy ease! It’s the perfect way to enjoy a beautiful view (or keep an eye on the kids) whenever you’re in the kitchen.

Make your view as pretty as a picture

Picture windows may be traditional options—but the bold statement comes in how you use them! One bold way to use these windows is to design them around a striking view (a beautiful backyard tree, waterfront, etc.). It’s like hanging up a work of art in your home! You can also choose to leave your picture windows completely “untreated,” with no curtains or blinds, simply letting the view shine through.

Put windows out of reach, too

Not every window has to be at eye level. You can still enjoy lots of light through the addition of windows that are a bit out of reach—like a semicircle on top of your front doors, or a set of skylights on your angled roof letting in that warm Florida sunshine.

Whether you want windows that make a big statement or something small and simple, we can help bring your vision to life in your custom home! Just call or visit to learn more.  

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