Daytona Beach Custom Homes: Pops of Paint Worth Considering

Tue, May 16, 2017 at 2:55PM

Daytona Beach Custom Homes: Pops of Paint Worth Considering

Looking for a fun way to switch up the style of your home this summer? Try a pop of paint!

In today’s blog, we’re exploring some of the most fun ways to dress up your space with a splash of color. Take a look.

Chalkboard paint

While it may not be a conventional paint choice, chalkboard paint tops off our list thanks to its unique look and functional nature.

This fun paint option works just about anywhere you want an extra surface to doodle, take notes, or even play word games on. That makes it an obvious addition to kids’ bedrooms and play spaces—but chalkboard paint can also find a welcome home in your kitchen or pantry, where you can ditch the old label maker and design your own labels for spices, cereals, snacks and more with ease. You can also paint the inside of a cupboard with chalkboard paint to serve as an easy grocery list or a place to jot down reminders.

Hot pink

Does this warm, vibrant color have a place outside of girls’ rooms? We think so!

While there’s nothing “subtle” about the electric, aptly-named shade of hot pink, there are some subtle ways to use it. For example, you can add a feminine feel to everyday spaces with the addition of small bursts of pink: a set of measuring cups, a cluster of photo frames on the wall, or maybe even a decorative classic: the porcelain piggy bank for a retro feel.

You can also use hot pink in small spaces and alcoves where you have some more “artistic license” to work with. A pink bathroom or the interior of a closet are the perfect spots to show off this fun color, without overpowering the rest of your space.

Dandelion yellow

What better way to prepare your home for summer than with a color that reminds us of beautiful flowers and the bright sun above?

Using the warm, cheery shade of dandelion yellow makes sense in small but noticeable doses. If you’re a lover of all things yellow, use your favorite color in splashes like an accent wall, flower vase, bar stools, or abstract wall art. Yellow can also serve as the perfect gender-neutral linen option for guest rooms or shared bedrooms.

Dark shades

Can deep, dark shades work in the midst of summer? Why not?

When you use dark shades to complement—and not overpower—lighter, more laidback varieties, you’re achieving a great visual balance that’s sure to add dimension to any space.

Tropical blue

A rich tropical blue (especially at this time of the year) just makes sense. It embodies the vibrant, easygoing nature of the Keys and the Caribbean. It can cool you down and (as blue shades are known to do) get your creative, inspired juices flowing. Why not add a splash of tropical blue to your office, bedroom, or entertainment space this summer?

We hope that today’s blog helps you find the perfect color addition to make in your Central Florida home!

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