Daytona Beach Custom Homes: Achieving a Fresh Start in 2017

Mon, Jan 09, 2017 at 11:10AM

Daytona Beach Custom Homes: Achieving a Fresh Start in 2017

The New Year is all about fresh starts—to our plans, our routines, and even our surroundings. With a custom home built by Kargar, you get that fresh start and so much more!

In today’s blog, we’re looking at some of the pivotal ways a Kargar home can offer you the fresh start you’ve been searching for.

A new location

With the population of Florida growing by the minute—and new developments sprouting up regularly—it can seem difficult to find a home or piece of land that’s truly, uniquely yours. The fresh start of a Kargar home, however, defies the status quo and delivers a sense of newness to your surroundings. Transplanting to a brand new spot may be stressful at times—but when you do it to move into a custom home of your own, it’s like a breath of fresh air!

New construction

There’s no end to the benefits and quality of life a new home—with new construction materials—can bring. It’s a novelty you can see in everything from the energy-efficient appliances to the automated systems to the roofs and windows made with your safety in mind. You can’t beat the value of a home you helped to design, especially when that home is built with only the finest materials available.

A “new home feeling” that lasts

One of the best parts of making your fresh start in a brand new Kargar home is the quintessential feeling you can’t quite put your finger on—the “new home feeling” that lasts long beyond move-in day. It’s a sense of personality and a blank slate on which to paint your family’s colors and passions—and it’s something that only a truly new home can offer.

There’s no limit to the ways a fresh, new home can change your life—and at Kargar, we’re committed to creating life-changing spaces for every one of our clients. Share your dream with us and we’ll work to make it a reality—just call us today and find out how!

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