Daytona Beach Courtyard Homes: Our Favorite Design Ideas

Wed, Mar 02, 2016 at 9:25AM

If you live in a courtyard home, you’re able to enjoy the relaxing sights and sounds of the outdoors right from your living room and even after you’ve stepped through the front door. For these types of homes, some simple design and décor goes a long way toward blending the indoors and the outdoors. In today’s blog, we will be sharing a few of our favorite ways to dress up a courtyard space.

Add greenery to your space

Every courtyard deserves plenty of lush greenery and flowers—after all, while it may be the first thing visitors see upon walking through the front door it is still an outdoor space. Take advantage of this fact and use the natural light to bring plant life into your living space in a way you can’t easily do indoors. You can create a beautiful sitting area surrounded by potted plants, for example, or grow vines up the wall for an immersive experience.

Create a comfy spot for sitting, dining and entertaining

Your courtyard shouldn’t just serve as a passageway into the rest of your home, but rather an entertaining area of its own. You can accomplish this by adding plenty of comfy seating and places to eat, drink and relax to your courtyard. Whether you opt for a full size dining table or prefer to keep things simple with a bar and stools, you’ll be sure to impress guests during your next get together.

Get serious about your lighting

Because it’s not a traditional interior living space, your courtyard may need additional lighting—especially if you plan on doing lots of nighttime entertaining, or simply want a space that’s safe and well-lit throughout the night. In addition to the lights already affixed to your home, you can add lighting through torches or even in-ground lights that make for safer walking in the dark.

Consider creating different zones

If your courtyard is large enough, you might consider establishing different zones for different uses. For example, you can create a dining and entertaining space on one side of your courtyard, perhaps a serene sitting area nestled away in one comfy corner, and a kids’ play space in another. In this way, you can set up your courtyard like another part of your home that serves its own unique purposes.

Make your courtyard suit your needs

Above all, be sure to create a courtyard space that works for you. While some homeowners may choose to create an elegant outdoor dining space, for example, you might prefer to turn your courtyard into an outdoor family room complete with a game table and TV set—it’s all up to you! The key thing is that, at the end of the day, you’ll be able to come back to a home and courtyard space that is uniquely yours.

Do you plan on trying any of these ideas in your own courtyard home? Let us know!

Daytona Beach Courtyard Homes: Our Favorite Design Ideas

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