Conquering the Hall Closet

Mon, Dec 05, 2016 at 5:00PM

Conquering the Hall Closet

Every home has that one closet that seems to evade rhyme, reason or organization—but whether it’s your New Year’s resolution to clean yours out, or you simply need a place to store all those holiday gifts, now might be the perfect time to add some order to your hall closet.

We’ll show you how in today’s blog!

Clear it out

As is the case with any big cleaning project, the first step is to clear everything out. This won’t just give you a neat, empty starting point to work with—it will allow you to clearly see everything you have and don’t have, both in the way of actual items like linens, as well as closet shelves and organizers.

Depending on how full your closet is, you might take up lots of hallway space with your freshly emptied-out items—so be sure to carve out some time and plan your project on a day that’s not so busy for hallway traffic!

Say goodbye to clutter, unused goods, and more

It’s always difficult to gauge the usefulness of an item (or the special meaning it might have)—however, it must be done. This is the time to decide what stays and what goes, so be sure to donate or throw away anything you don’t truly use. That goes for linens, old board games, worn-out shoes, and just about anything else. Most items you’ll find can be easily replaced should you actually need them later on—and if they can’t be, be sure to move special keepsakes and other irreplaceables somewhere safe so they don’t get lose in your closet once again.  

Rethink your system

Once you know what you’re keeping, it’s time to evaluate your organization system. In many cases, if you’re in the process of clearing out your closet, that means your current system has not been working exactly as you’d hoped. Spend some time thinking about a system that works for you and your family and go with it. Handy organizational tools can be purchased (or, in some cases, created) with ease, so use them to help you get a handle on your important items.

Try out a theme

If a closet is suffering from a lack of identity, it might become the go-to receptacle spot for miscellaneous shoes, socks, knick-knacks and other items around your house. You can eliminate this kind of piling-up by establishing a designated theme in your closet. What do you use the closet for most? Arts and crafts, maybe, or your family’s growing shoe collection? Maybe it’s your one-stop spot for board games? Whatever it is, a theme might help you keep your closet neat and organized, and free of unwanted clutter.

Create a stylish space

As always, a stylish space is one that you want to keep looking its best! Don’t feel as though you need to forego décor or style in your hall closet. For larger spaces, a fresh coat of paint or a color-coded organization system you love will make your closet feel that much more like part of your home—and that much more worth keeping clean and beautiful.

We hope that these ideas help you create a clean, neat closet space that will help ease your transition into the New Year.

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