Central Florida Homes: Creating a Coffee Table You Love

Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 9:30AM

Central Florida Homes: Creating a Coffee Table You Love

In many living rooms, the coffee table sits at the center of action—it’s the backdrop to family board games, afternoon pick-me-ups, and even family meals with a movie. Even when it’s not actively being used, the right coffee table set-up can ground your space and make it feel a little more put together.

Such a multipurpose piece of furniture deserves some careful consideration! In today’s blog, we will be taking a look at a few easy tips for creating the coffee table set-up perfect for you and your home.

Start with a clean slate

The first thing to do is start anew and consider what you really want out of your coffee table. Is it a place to eat, play cards, and socialize, or more of a decorative spot? Will you need extra storage below the tabletop itself, or is a neat, simple surface all you need? With a million and one coffee table varieties available today, it’s best to start with the basic questions to know what to look for.

Go bold…

For many homes, the living or family room is a neutral spot filled with comfy couches and a smart, sensible furniture arrangement. If you’re in the mood to mix things up, you can add a bit of flair to your space through the addition of a bold accent coffee table—one in a unique shape, for example, or with hardware and coloring that makes it stand out against its neutral backdrop.

…or neutral

Of course, if you’re already incorporating a bold sense of style in your space, you can streamline things with a simple coffee table. Don’t be unenthused if your table ends up being four legs and a basic wood surface—you can dress it up with accents, books, and other icons of your design style!

Soften your space with a rug

You can anchor your coffee table with a comfy rug that family and friends will enjoy sinking their feet into (or sitting on) during highly-contested card games or fun family trivia nights. This is another way to add a bit of personality to your coffee table space, especially if you opt for a rug with a unique shape, texture or design.

Stack on your favorite books

We call certain reads “coffee table books” for a reason—whether due to their humor, unique subject matter, or simple appearance, these books beg to be read by friends and family as they relax around your coffee table. Stack up a few of your favorite picks and watch as they soon become the center of conversation!

Blend function with décor

We can’t forget about coffee table décor! In the pursuit of making your décor as functional as it is unique, try blending function with style—use distressed wood trays to hold food, books, and other items, or use your coffee table to showcase your eclectic coaster collection.

The right table can anchor many a family gathering or relaxing afternoon with friends—so make it a great one!

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