Central Florida Homes: 7 Unexpected Uses for Gray

Fri, Nov 11, 2016 at 4:51PM

Central Florida Homes: 7 Unexpected Uses for Gray

Gray used to be seen as a dreary, depressed color, not suitable for any space that wanted to feel like home. But look again—in modern home design, gray is anything but boring.

Below, we’re shaking off gray’s bad reputation and sharing seven of our favorite ways to use it—perhaps unexpectedly—throughout your home. Take a look!

Design subtle, minimalist kitchen spaces

The minimalist kitchen is all about clean lines and simple colors. We often see pure white used in these kinds of kitchens, but if you’re looking for a slightly warmer look to offset the stark nature of white, try decorating with gray! Lighter variants of this color will still provide you with a clean, modern look, but won’t be too visually overpowering. You can balance out the gray counters or cabinets with colorful kitchen towels and countertop décor, or even a bright backsplash.

Pair it with a pop

As a neutral color, gray works best when it’s paired with bright pops of color. If you love the color yellow, for example, you can design a yellow space that’s balanced out by the subtler, softer gray.

Deck out your child’s room

For so long, the color of a child’s room was either pink or blue—but there’s no reason to avoid creativity in this area of your home! Mix things up and paint your child’s room a soft gray. Not only is this a timeless choice that can work as they grow older, but it pairs well with just about any design scheme you might have in place. Pinks, blues, and just about any other child-friendly color works with gray!

Create a comfy living space

You can use gray to paint the walls of your family room, or opt for a big, comfy gray sofa to provide a backdrop for years of fun and entertainment. Gray offers you the light, crisp look you want from a piece of furniture—but unlike starker shades, like white, a gray sofa won’t be as quick to show stains or signs of wear and tear.

Use neutral gray linens

Whether a room is pink, yellow, blue, or green, it can always benefit from a set of neutral, dependable gray linens. As a bedding choice, gray works well as a timeless choice that looks good from season to season, year to year, and can always be brightened up with addition of your favorite accent pillows.

Modernize traditional areas

We love homes with traditionally elegant design—but to keep your home from looking too traditional, modernize it with a splash of gray paint.

Simplify small spaces

You can easily tie together small spaces like powder rooms or a walk-in closet by using gray as a no-fuss background color. Gray can keep these spaces from becoming too complicated, which is something to appreciate, especially in the tighter spots of your home.

Which of these ideas do you plan to try first? Let us know!

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