Central Florida Golf in the Fall: Our Favorite Game Yet

Tue, Oct 04, 2016 at 9:37AM

Central Florida Golf in the Fall: Our Favorite Game Yet

Do you feel it yet? While Florida’s switch from summer to fall may be slow to start, every day has air that’s a little crisper and skies a little bluer. We love this change for the beautiful outdoor vistas, easy outdoor entertaining… and, of course, excellent golf!

In today’s blog, we will be exploring some of the best aspects of golf in the fall. (Be sure to share what you love about fall golf, too!)

Breathable air

Summers in Florida may be known for beautiful days at the beach—but for us locals, they’re equally known for high humidity that can make outdoor activity a challenge in itself! Fortunately, during the fall, that humidity goes down and dry, crisp air makes for more breathable playing conditions. It’s a welcome change you will notice as soon as you step onto the course.

Cooler temperatures

Combined with fresh, breathable air, the fall season’s cooler temperatures make long periods of outdoor activity much more enjoyable. You won’t want to head back inside after your game, especially as the temperatures start to dip into the sixties during the daytime! While hydration with plenty of water is key, you might find yourself reaching for a warm cup of coffee more than for your favorite sports drink very soon.

Beautiful golf course views

Golf courses like the ones you’ll find in our LPGA International or Plantation Bay communities are known for their beautiful vistas, the perfect backdrops for your game—but during the fall, that view becomes even better. Leaves may turn a bit more warm-toned, even here in Florida in small amounts, and you can typically count on the sky to be a rich, colorful and clear blue throughout the day.

A change in the game

Some avid golfers have noticed a change in the actual game during the fall season—your ball can glide more smoothly through the air and on the grass thanks to reduced moisture, potentially making for more exciting games in the process.

Exercise you want to do

Summer is the season of outdoor fun—but that doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up throughout the fall! Fortunately, Florida falls are easy to endure and are typically downright pleasant—so getting your daily exercise in through a game of golf doesn’t feel like a task, but a reward in and of itself.

It’s no secret that falls in Florida are beautiful—and as a member of our LPGA International or Plantation Bay communities, you couldn’t be closer to some of the world’s greatest courses! We hope you enjoy your time by the green this fall and throughout the year.

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