Celebrating Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Ideas

Wed, Apr 06, 2016 at 3:15PM

Earth Day is right around the corner, and for many homeowners that means taking a fresh look at everyday household tasks—and how they can be made just a little greener. If you’re looking for ways to help the environment from home, we have seven eco-friendly ideas to try in today’s blog.

Plant a garden

When it comes to herb or vegetable gardens, you’re not just improving the look of your home with beautiful, colorful plants—you’re growing your own delicious food to eat at home! Gardening is a great way to enjoy wholesome food without the plastic packaging or travel time needed by food bought in the store.

Make recycling fun

Bringing recycling into your home is a great step for improving the environment from home—and your kids can help! Make recycling fun for them by giving them special bins that they can decorate, customize and monitor themselves. They will appreciate the special touches and the ability to participate in such a pivotal way.

Create and reuse shopping bags

Another kid-friendly activity is to make your own shopping bags to reuse at the store. Pick up a few canvas tote bags from the craft store and have everyone decorate their own bag with paint and stick-on decorations. They will want to bring it everywhere they go!

Repurpose with a purpose

Repurposing an old item can prevent the need to purchase a new one and add waste to the environment—plus, it’s just a fun thing to do! Your family can have fun working on repurposing projects (like turning an old stool into a nightstand, or a vanity into a desk) that will help you and the environment.

Make energy efficient switches

Improving the energy efficiency of your home—in ways both big and small—is easy. You can choose to switch out old appliances for more efficient ones, for example, and perform an energy audit on your home to see where you might be losing money. However, even small changes to your everyday routine can have a big impact. Follow good practices like turning off lights and other electronics when not in use, for instance, and encourage your kids to do the same.

Try the “navy shower”

While cutting down on the length of your shower is always beneficial, cutting down on the actual amount of water used can be even more so. Try a “navy shower” and turn off the water when not needed (for example, while shampooing your hair or between rinses) to cut down.

Make your own cleaning supplies

Making your own cleaning supplies allows you to know the exact ingredients in the solutions you use. You can feel good about using these supplies with your family—including pets and young kids—and can also feel good about the plastic waste and packaging you’re avoiding in the process.

Helping the environment is crucial—but contrary to what you may have been told, it doesn’t have to be hard! With recycled materials, low-e windows and programmable air, your Kargar home is already equipped to be the greenest on the block—and simple changes to your everyday life can make it even better for the environment.

Celebrating Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Ideas

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