Autumn-Inspired Ideas for Your Home’s Windows

Fri, Sep 02, 2016 at 11:25AM

Autumn-Inspired Ideas for Your Home’s Windows

This September we’ll see the official start of fall—and while here in Florida, the weather may be a little slow to change, there are still plenty of fun and festive ways to usher in the change of season. The windows in your Kargar home can be the perfect backdrop for seasonal décor and cozy additions!

In today’s blog, we’re taking a look at some of the best ways to switch up your home’s windows for the upcoming season.

Add or repair screens

Temperatures may be warm for the foreseeable future—but once we get into the fall months, you’ll be sure to notice a welcome change in the air. Now is the time to get your home’s windows ready for that change, so that you can open them up and enjoy the breeze from indoors. If your windows are missing screens, or if the screens are in disrepair, switch them out for new ones so that you can soak up the pleasant weather all season long.

Design a festive flower box

While you’re busy getting the inside of your home ready for fall, don’t forget about the outside, too! The change in season is a great time to design a festive flower box to hang outside of your home’s windows. Pick up a standard box from the home improvement store, then fill it with dirt, twine and some of your favorite orange, red and yellow flowers. It’s a subtle but special way to mark the change in season, and it will beautiful your home’s exterior with ease.

Update your curtains

As we mentioned earlier, fall is the time for us Floridians to crack open our windows and enjoy the cool fall weather—so switch out your curtains for window treatments that bend and billow in the breeze! One great option is light, airy sheers that will let in plenty of light and can easily be pulled back when you want to open your windows wide. These sheers are the perfect backdrop for any change in décor you might want to pursue, too.

Which of these ideas are you most excited to try? Let us know! We always love a change of season, and these design and décor ideas will help you reflect that change in your home.

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