Achieving a Never-Ending Summer in Your Daytona Beach Home

Fri, Sep 15, 2017 at 1:45AM

Achieving a Never-Ending Summer in Your Daytona Beach Home

September 22nd might mark the official end of summer… but here in Florida, fun under the sun isn’t going anywhere just yet!

If anything, the upcoming switch of seasons just makes us want to get outdoors that much more—and in your Kargar home, you can! Take a look at today’s blog for a few easy ways to embrace an endless summer in and around your home.

Dine outdoors

It’s no wonder why so many summertime meals take place outdoors! We have snacks by the pool, cookouts on the patio, and enjoy a near-endless supply of lemonade and iced tea from the kitchen. It’s the best way to cool down on a hot day!

As we head into some milder months, we can enjoy dining outdoor even more. This is a great time to start using your outdoor kitchen if you haven’t already. For all the game days and family festivities that fall is known for, your patio can be the center of the action (and the source of delicious eats!). Even for low-key fun, like impromptu Sunday brunches or a simple afternoon snack, dining outdoors will help you feel like the summer never really ended.

Make your pool and patio more usable

Maybe you spent so much time swimming this summer that you never gave your actual patio furniture a second thought! Now that fall is here, however, you might be looking for a comfier way to enjoy your outdoor space. In addition to heating your pool, you can make your outdoors that much more comfortable by adding soft, overstuffed cushions and pillows to your patio furniture. You might even consider casual options like hammocks that lend an airy, relaxed vibe to your space.

Indulge in summertime treats…

Here in Florida, when temperatures are almost always conducive to outdoor fun, we never have to part with our favorite summertime treats. S’mores, in particular, make a great addition to your autumn bonfires and cozy family get-togethers!

… and try some new ones, too

Of course, there’s always room to try something new. This fall, you can enjoy seasonal produce like pears or some tasty squash by preparing them with summery cooking methods (like your backyard grill!).

Take a break

Something about the summertime makes kids and adults alike feel at ease. It’s easier than ever to put down the task at hand and simply enjoy the sunshine or great company right outside your door. This fall, don’t stop the fun! You can even blend work and play by catching up on reading in your Kargar home’s courtyard or taking breaks for fresh air with a quick game of catch in the backyard.

Al fresco fun doesn’t have an expiration date here in Central Florida. We hope that today’s blog helps you find ways to embrace the spirit of summer, no matter what time of year it may be!

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