A Night at the Movies… at Home

Tue, Oct 03, 2017 at 10:05AM

A Night at the Movies… at Home

Between Halloween flicks and football three nights a week, one thing’s for sure: if ever there were a time to kick back behind a flat screen, it’s the fall!

If you’re designing your custom home this fall, you might be thinking about adding a home theater or designated movie room. If you’ve already got one, maybe you’re looking for ways to take it to the next level. Either way, we’ve got you covered! Take a look below to see our five favorite ways to amp up your home media experience.

Consider the screen

At the heart of every movie or media room is the star of the show: the screen! While many might choose to center their room around a large, flat-screen TV, it’s not the only way to enjoy your favorite flicks. A blank white wall, sheet, or projector screen can help you enjoy movies and videos from your phone or computer with ease.

Opt for a fun theme

If there’s one place in your home to enjoy a fun, thematic room, it’s the movie room. Where else is a more fitting place to celebrate your favorite sports or movies? While the inspiration is endless, some popular options include framing your space with a collection of your favorite movie posters or accenting the room with team colors and memorabilia.

Keep the snacks nearby

You don’t want to miss the fun as you run into the kitchen for drinks or snacks! Adding a mini fridge and basket of your favorite concession stand goodies can help make your movie room that much easier to enjoy.

Follow the simplest rule of seating

As you design your movie room, don’t feel the need to overthink its look… especially not the seating! The only rule you should follow when it comes to seating? Keep it comfortable! While that might include cozy recliners, oversized and decked out with cupholders, you can also take the simpler route and use bean bags or cozy traditional armchairs.

Customize your lighting

Your movie room is a great place to experiment with lighting. Keep it flexible so that you can dim the lights during the movie, for example. You can also add fun lighting options like string lights to keep the room bright and well-lit for when you’re not watching a movie (maybe while reading or playing a game on the big screen).

We hope that these ideas help you take football games, family movies, and everything else in between to the next level! If you’re in the process of designing your custom Kargar home, be sure to ask about adding a movie room or theater of your own.

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