A New Room for Your New Addition

Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 9:30AM

A New Room for Your New Addition

You’ve read all the baby books and child-proofed your space—now it’s time to add a dash of personality to your brand new nursery!

As you welcome a new addition to your family, try these simple tips for a room that shines.

Let the light shine through…

You want your nursery to let in lots of natural light—not only will it help brighten up the space and make it feel more playful, but that light will come in handy when you’re trying to normalize your baby’s sleep pattern or keep the space clean!

For nurseries without especially large windows, recessed lighting is a great option since it provides plenty of brightness without hanging fixtures getting in your way.

…but only when you want it

Many find it helpful to adjust the amount of light in the nursery with the help of a dimmer switch. This can make it easier for you and your child to adjust to the changes in light from morning to night, or when you have to make a midnight stop in the nursery—a dimmer can keep the light from being too bright, too fast, and that’s something we can all appreciate!

Layer comfy textures over a child-friendly floor

If your nursery isn’t already carpeted, you may find it helpful to layer ultra-comfy rugs onto your wood or tile floor. This can create a safe, comfy spot for your child to crawl and play on as they get a bit older, and makes the room feel a bit cozier.

Consider a new kind of color option

While blue and pink may be traditional baby colors, there’s no rule that says your room has to be one or the other! Gender neutral colors like yellow are fun, bright, and playful—even basics like off-white or a bright, cool gray can serve as the perfect backdrop to any décor scheme or splash of color (which is sure to be present in the way of bedding, toys, and other items in the room).

Remember something for you, too

This may be your baby’s room, but you’re sure to spend a lot of time in it yourself. Be sure to carve out a comfy corner with a soft spot to spend time in, like a glider with additional ottoman storage so you’re never without everyday comforts in your child’s space.

We hope that today’s tips help you craft a nursery space that’s as functional as it is welcoming!

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