A Home That Flows

Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 1:35PM

A Home That Flows

Traffic jams may be an inevitable part of your morning commute—but not your home!

Improved maneuverability is just one property of a home that truly flows. When designing a custom space, you get a chance to cut down on morning foot traffic, crowded hallways, awkward corners… and much more.

Save time (and your peace of mind) by designing a home that effortlessly flows together. Want to learn how? Take a look at today’s blog for a few of our best tips!

Keep hallways clear

Looking for an easy way to improve the flow in your home? Start simple by providing ways to cut down on clutter. That might mean adding a shoe rack or using a mud room for bookbags, umbrellas, and an array of everyday clutter. This easy step takes care of issues with physical flow, like obstacles keeping you from a quick and easy walk down the hallway.

Optimize bedroom layout

When planning your home and choosing who will have each bedroom, don’t base your decision on aesthetics alone—look ahead and envision how each room will be used. A movie room that will be enjoyed a couple of nights per week, for example, might do better at the end of a long hallway, leaving space up front for a traditional bedroom for on-the-go kids who need easier access to the kitchen, living area, etc.

Create a cohesive color scheme

A great home has functional and visual flow. Once you’ve taken care of the logistics (keeping hallways clear, mastering the right layout, etc.) it can help to look at your walls and find inspiration there. Is there a cohesive color scheme tying your entryway to your kitchen to your family room? While you don’t need to keep a strictly uniform palette, having all the shades of your home fit together in one specific way (similarly muted tones, earthy neutrals, pastels… you name it) can make your space feel that much more connected. If you don’t wall your walls to look too similar, you can achieve the same idea with your accents (repeating a turquoise motif throughout the home, for instance).

Make it your own

At the end of the day, this is your home—so make it your own! No one knows better than you where to include extra space, how to divide up a long hallway, or what floorplan specifics to settle on. The key to achieving a home that flows is to know those needs and translate them into your physical space.

One great method of figuring it all out is to take a look at your current home. Spend a week taking note of minor inconveniences or interruptions throughout the day—noisy hallway, busy bathrooms, etc.—and how they might be improved upon with a better layout.

At Kargar Homes, we can help you achieve these design ideas and much more. Just call us today to get started or learn about your current custom build’s progress!

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