9 Ways to Craft a Laundry Room You Love

Thu, Sep 08, 2016 at 11:26AM

9 Ways to Craft a Laundry Room You Love

Your laundry room is where dirty clothes come out clean, fresh and just how you like them—shouldn’t the physical space itself be just as pleasant? Fortunately, there are a few simple ways you can accomplish just that. Take a look at our list below for laundry room inspiration you’ll love putting to use in your own home.

Provide a place for everything

For any laundry room—especially those that serve large families—space is key for ease and organization. Make the most of yours by providing a handy place for everything. Organize your cabinets and shelves by items, and add a few easy shelves to your walls if you need even more storage space.

When in doubt, hang it up

In addition to shelves and cabinets, add hooks where needed to provide easy places for belts, coats, caps and just about anything else you might have in the laundry room. We know that many homes’ laundry rooms double as mud rooms or spare closets, so hooks should make your space’s double duty a little easier to manage.

Change the status quo

One of the best ways to improve your laundry room is to change how you use it altogether. If there simply isn’t enough room for the whole family to use it as a catch-all space for shoes, coats, outdoor gear and more, consider changing the rules (for example, add a shoe rack to your front entryway or have everyone store their backpacks and bags in a hall closet). These changes may make your day-to-day use of the laundry room a little better.

Add some character

We naturally care most about spaces we like spending time in—so a great way to keep your laundry room looking and working its best, is to give it some visual character! Paint the walls in a fun, bright hue and even consider hanging up a family photo or two to make this space an extension of the rest of your home.

Brighten up your space

Another way to keep your space looking its best is to brighten it up. Add a new light fixture or take down any curtains you might have so that your laundry room is always as bright and easy-to-maintain as possible. This will make it easier for you to spot stains or forgotten socks in the corner, too!

Keep a container for loose change and more…

If you’re like many homeowners, your washer and dryer often become receptacles for loose change and other pocket items from time to time. Keep a spare jar or other container in your laundry room where you can save this change for a rainy day (and, of course, prevent it from rattling around in your machine again).

…and a trash can in the corner

A trash can should always be present and easy to access in your laundry room, since it will give you and other family members an easy place to toss lint after every dryer load. Make this task an easy one, and prevent the need for quick trips to the kitchen or bathroom trash can.

Leave helpful notes with a dry-erase board or chalkboard paint

Your laundry room is a great place to leave notes for the family, whether they be weekly reminders or laundry-specific requests—such as “don’t dry this delicate load!”. You can hang a dry-erase board on the wall, or paint a small section with chalkboard paint for a fun and easy way to keep notes.

Store frequently-used items with ease

With so many different fabric needs and items occupying a laundry room, it makes sense that your cabinets can get a bit filled! However, you can avoid a hassle by storing very frequently-used items (like detergent and stain remover) at the front of your cabinets, or even in a designated basket you keep on the counter.

By following these simple steps, you’ll see your laundry room transform into a fresh, functional space you enjoy spending time in—and with the kids headed back to school, we know that kind of change can’t come soon enough!

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