8 Unique Wall Art Ideas for Your Daytona Beach Home

Wed, May 04, 2016 at 4:46PM

Every wall needs a statement piece of wall art to make it pop—but fortunately, these pieces don’t need to be expensive. They don’t even need to be bought in a store! Sometimes, the best wall art designs are the ones with a personal, one-of-a-kind touch. Take a look at our eight ideas for adding that touch—and a bit of creativity—to your walls this summer.

Shadow boxes

A shadow box is a glass casing made for showcasing your favorite mementos—from movie tickets to scout badges—in an artful way. You can create a decorative backdrop for your shadowbox and affix the things you care about most, then hang it up on the wall for all to see.

For a similar wall art idea that plays with the three-dimensional look of shadowboxes, you can place thin objects like decorative folders, napkins, theater programs and more in a glass frame.

Kids’ art

If you have kids, your refrigerator is likely covered in their best artwork—but if there’s something they make that is especially striking, consider framing it and putting it in their room, playroom or study space. It’s a great way to add a playful, artistic feeling to these spaces—and, of course, it’s a great compliment to the young artist who drew it up!

Mirror décor

In addition to the mirrors you use for getting dressed every day, add reflective décor to your walls for a unique look. Whether it’s a striking circular mirror or an artful collection of smaller ones, this type of art has the potential to beautify your space while brightening it up, too.

Family photos

Decorate your walls with family photos for wall art that’s as meaningful as it is visually pleasing. You can place photos in ornate frames or in the shape of a family tree for a truly unique visual appeal.

Plant walls

We’re used to plants on our counters and tabletops—but did you know that you can grow them on your walls to add color and a fresh feeling to any interior space? There are several ways to put up moss and succulents to create living art you, your family and friends will love.

Functional art

Sometimes, the best wall art is the kind that serves a functional purpose. Use floating shelves to display your favorite books in a light, airy way. You can also arrange shelves into the shape of a tree or even an abstract design for a fun take on the traditional bookshelf.

Craft fair finds

The cluster of seashells or palm front art you found at your local craft fair are among the best types of wall art—the handmade kind!

Fabric designs

A simple way to add color and design to your walls is with some of the most basic tools in art—a canvas or two and some of your favorite fabric. Attach fabric to canvases in different sizes and shapes to create a decorate collection of different designs on your wall.

We hope that these ideas help you add color and personality to your walls! While there’s always room for beautiful paintings and portraits, these creative options are just as worthy of a place on your wall.

8 Unique Wall Art Ideas for Your Daytona Beach Home

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