8 Fall Projects for Daytona Beach Homes

Mon, Oct 12, 2015 at 8:20AM

If you’ve still got items left on your summer “to-do” list, don’t worry—the perfect time to do them is right around the corner! This fall, as you usher in the cooler temperatures and clearer skies, take some time to take care of those house tasks and outdoor projects. For you, this might mean…

Cleaning the gutters

You may not love cleaning out your gutters, but the start of fall is a great time to do the job. You will be able to rid your gutters of clogged debris from summer storms and make them more efficient. And with fall comes drier weather, so you won’t have to repeat the job for a while.

Patching or replacing torn screens

If you love the crisp, cooler air associated with fall, you’re likely to open your home’s windows more and spend more time outdoors this season. If the screens in your home’s windows or porch are torn or missing altogether, dedicate some time to patching them up (or replacing them, if need be). You don’t want worn down screens to prevent you from enjoying the weather!

Reorganizing the garage

Reorganizing or cleaning out your garage can be a big task… but when the weather has had a chance to cool down, garage work can be a more pleasant experience. Take this time to clear out old or unused items from your garage, and work on finding ways to make your garage more usable. This may mean adding ceiling racks, wall shelving units, cabinets, workbenches and other items.

Home renovations

Home additions, kitchen remodels, and big room projects are all projects that work great in fall. And if you need a release from the workload, just step outside and enjoy the fresh air!


While landscaping is traditionally associated with spring and summer, it’s an important consideration in the fall, too. This fall, have some fun with your landscaping! Try working your own vegetable garden, or plant new flowers to update your home’s exterior. Whatever landscaping project you take on, you’ll be able to spend more time outdoors—and in fall, that’s something we can all enjoy.

Adding a fresh coat of paint

If your home’s in need of some sprucing up, consider adding a fresh coat of paint to its exterior. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your home’s exterior or front door—or choosing a new color entirely—is a simple but effective way to change the look and feel of your home.

Repaving your driveway or patio

This fall, consider repaving your driveway or patio to make these surfaces more usable. You might also want to try painting your current pavement a new hue… just be sure to set aside some drying time before use!

Updating outdoor entertaining space

In Florida, fall weather is often a great excuse to bring the party outdoors. If you plan on doing outdoor entertaining this season, consider updating your outdoor living space. Give outdoor surfaces a good sweeping and think about updating your patio furniture to make it more comfortable for guests.

What fall projects are you getting ready to tackle? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!


8 Fall Projects for Daytona Beach Homes

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