7 Seating Options for Your Daytona Home

Wed, Jul 06, 2016 at 3:03PM

Whether you’re moving into a new home this summer, or simply want to reinvent your current space, seating is one design area worth thinking over. The right seating options can transform your space into one that’s comfortable, stylish and one-of-a-kind, something your family and friends will truly enjoy.


In today’s blog, we will be looking at seven seating options and where they are best used.


Café chairs


Café chairs are often seen as more delicate, with a slimmer profile than most traditional dining room chairs—however, they can still find a great home in select spaces. For example, they work well as a pair on your front porch or in a small breakfast nook where you are low on space. These chairs can give your family and friends an easy place to sit and chat or enjoy a quick snack.


Tufted leather seating


Couches and armchairs made with tufted leather look especially elegant. While they may not be practical for causal, frequently-used spots like your family room, they are perfect for adding luxury and a touch of tradition in spaces such as a home study or cozy den.


Classically comfy couch


For seating spaces that see a lot of use, you can’t go wrong with a classically comfy couch. Whether you opt for a sofa and loveseat set, or choose to go the sectional route, a soft leather or microfiber sofa, this option will make your family room or home theater one worth spending time in.


Built-in seating


While most furniture pieces can be picked up at the store, a more custom option might serve those who have unique space needs. For example, a built-in bench can make the most of a large window area or cozy breakfast nook. Where moveable furniture just doesn’t do the trick, built-in options are definitely worth considering.


Bold accent seating


We’ve all seen our share of bold accent seating options—everything from hand-shaped swivel chairs to vibrant patchwork pieces. If you want to add a chair with a flair to your space, but don’t want it to clash with the rest of your décor, consider putting it somewhere where fun and style naturally come together, like a basement-turned-game-room or entertainment area.


Sink-in armchair


Sometimes, all you need is a comfy armchair to sink into at the end of the day or in between big projects at home. Put an armchair you love in your home office or living room to give you a great place to sit down, unwind and collect your thoughts.


Convertible options


Convertible seating options are perfect for those spaces where you need to meet more than one need—for example, a futon in your office that doubles as a guest room, or a kids’ chair that unfolds into a sleeping mat perfect for sleepovers or family movie nights.


We hope that these ideas help you accomplish a living space you love! We spend lots of time sitting down—whether we’re entertaining, working or kicking back after a long day—so it’s always smart to have the best-possible seating options on hand.

7 Seating Options for Your Daytona Home

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