6 Ways to Rethink Your Kitchen Pantry

Wed, May 04, 2016 at 4:46PM

If you’re like many homeowners, your kitchen is likely the center of action in your home—so it’s important that your pantry has the space and functionality to serve you, your family and your friends whenever it’s needed! Below, we will be taking a look at six smart ways to rethink or rework your pantry in order to better suit your needs.

Expand your pantry space…

For large families—or for those homeowners who like to add a gourmet flair to every meal—lots of supplies, ingredients and tools are a must. If you need more space to store it all, consider constructing a walk-in pantry by borrowing existing, underused space in your kitchen. For example, if you have a small breakfast nook that doesn’t get much use, you might convert that into part of your pantry for a spacious, efficient way to store all your culinary tools and foods.

…or repurpose it

On the other hand, many homeowners could use a more comfortable place to eat and enjoy their kitchen space. If you have enough storage in other places (or if you’re able to add a shallow pantry to a spare wall), consider turning your current, large pantry into a cozy spot for breakfasts, snacks and your morning coffee. The perfect kitchen doesn’t necessarily have a large pantry or a small one—it’s all about finding the setup that suits your needs best!

Eliminate paper lists and use chalkboard paint instead

If pesky paper lists are constantly getting lost under the fridge, you can use your pantry doors to create a permanent list of sorts. Paint your doors with chalkboard paint for a creative, functional touch—you can use chalk to keep lists, make schedule reminders and more.

Optimize your current setup

If you can’t make any large structural changes to your kitchen, there are still ways to optimize your current pantry setup. Consider adding extra shelves if you find that you have unused vertical space. You can also pull-out organizers that don’t take up more space, but improve upon the space you have (perfect for organizing items like spices, coffee and other small items).

Use bright, clever and functional organization

If your pantry is organized in a neat, visually appealing way, you and your family will work hard to ensure that it stays that way. Use bright organizers or clear containers with labels to house staple products like cereal, chips and other treats.

Add a counter for small appliance storage and use

By adding a small counter or bench to your walk-in pantry, you can effectively create more space to cook and prepare dishes. Your pantry, if it’s large enough, can be a small appliance station, where you make smoothies, microwave frozen snacks, and do other quick tasks. This will keep the main kitchen free for gourmet meals and dinner prep that requires more space.

Your pantry houses the food and kitchen items needed to keep your family running at its best—so put some time into making it the best it can be!

6 Ways to Rethink Your Kitchen Pantry

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