6 Bathroom Projects for Your Daytona Beach Home

Fri, Mar 27, 2015 at 4:05PM

If you’re looking for a new springtime project, why not turn to your bathroom? Whether you’re struggling with space or are just stumped on the best design for your home, we find that the bathroom can always use some sprucing up. Here are a few ways you can accomplish that:

Retile your tub. We understand the rut you can fall into when you’ve been living with the same bathroom design scheme for several years… try switching up the area around your tub or shower by replacing (or adding) tile! You can stay with neutral color scheme, which is timeless and will look great alongside more colorful accents like towels and countertop accessories. But don’t be afraid of color! Colorful glass tile in turquoise blue or green can transform your bathroom and make your tub and shower the visual centerpiece.

Of course, if you never use your tub or would prefer the spaciousness offered by a walk-in shower, you might want to…

…make the conversion! This might seem like a scary project, but think about it realistically. How often do you use your bathtub? If you find that it’s not important to your daily routine, you can always consider making the switch from a bathtub/shower combo to a walk-in shower. By taking away the tub and shower curtain, you’ll find that your bathroom opens up. You’ll also be able to experiment with more tile swatches, color pairings, and materials for your shower’s floor and walls.

Switch your sink. There are several different paths you can take when rethinking your sink situation. We often lean on the standard model—sink, countertop and a cabinet or drawers underneath—but if you’re itching to switch up your bathroom’s look, there are other options available. The pedestal sink is one that will open up a smaller space, like a powder room or half bath. If you find that you need more storage underneath, but still want a unique look for your vanity, try a vessel sink! A vessel sink is essentially a basin that sits atop a cabinet, so you’re not sacrificing storage but still get the innovative design you want.

Rethink storage. If you’re running short on storage space, you can turn your problem into a design-minded solution: integrate extra storage into the style of your bathroom! Apart from the traditional shelf or under-sink cabinet, you can get creative and repurpose old items to use in your bathroom. Old candle jars can be emptied out and used to store cotton balls, swabs and Q-tips and offer a simple, inexpensive flair to your space. If you have a wide-open wall in your bathroom, don’t be scared of adding a tall shelf; it may not be typical in a bathroom setting, but a sleek shelf can house towels or wicker baskets and save you much-needed floor and counter space.

Change your mirror. If you’re not satisfied with your vanity’s look, try switching your current mirror setup for a new, maybe more decorative one. You can choose from ornate borders or simple, minimalist frames—or even go without!—to match the style of your bathroom.

Add a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes, the biggest impact can be achieved in the simplest switch. If all else fails, a fresh coat of a new paint color can transform your bathroom space and make it feel new. We often stick to neutral looks for the bathroom, but don’t stray away from pops of color like calming blues and passionate reds to give your space a calming, invigorating feel.

6 Bathroom Projects for Your Daytona Beach Home

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