5 Ways to Window Shop for Your Dream Home

Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at 1:45AM

5 Ways to Window Shop for Your Dream Home

If you’re thinking about building a custom home, you may be wondering how to start the shopping process.

Of course, unlike a car or a new pair of shoes, you can’t quite “window shop” for a home that hasn’t been built yet. So how do you get an idea of the kind of home you want, and inform yourself of the building process? Just keep reading… we’ve got five easy tips in today’s blog!

Browse through floorplans

Much like you might pore over the specifications of a car or new computer, seeing the floorplans of a home can help you better understand what it would be like to live there. You make a house a home when you add your own personal touches—but until then, this specific look at the shape and size of your space can serve as a great starting-off point! It can also help you compare the details of different homes you may be considering.

To compare your favorite floorplans, just browse through the “Our Homes” section of the website! Some even include a 3D floorplan that lets you visualize your space on an all-new level.

Take a virtual tour

Another benefit of shopping for your dream home online? You can take a virtual tour of homes on your list, without ever leaving your home! To get a general idea of the space and layout of a Kargar home, you can browse through detailed photos of individual rooms and living spaces.

Leaf through home magazines

There’s no mall for prospective homeowners… there are, magazines and other resources can help you enjoy the casual, carefree nature of “window shopping” all the same. Your favorite design publication, for example, gives you the chance to leaf through color, pattern, and layout ideas on your own schedule. Even if you’re not ready to build a home, material like this will allow you to have a better idea of what you want when you are ready.

Visit your inspiration

Remember that a custom home gives you unparalleled freedom to bring your vision to life! Visiting your inspiration in person (in the form of friends’ or family members’ homes) can help you get a physical idea of the kind of space you want to achieve. Just be sure to snap some photos to highlight the features you really love.

Get to know the neighborhood

When you’re considering a custom construction, visiting potential lots can allow you to better visualize what your home there would look like. Ask about seeing homes in our two great golf-loving communities, Plantation Bay and LPGA International, to experience what life in our own little slice of paradise is really like!

We hope that today’s blog helps you find ways to “window shop” before you decide on the home of your dreams. As always, be sure to give our team a call with any follow-up questions you may have… we’re here to help!

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