5 Ways to Upgrade Your Daytona Home’s Style

Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 5:15PM

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Daytona Home’s Style

We all love to feel young at heart… but who says your home style has to be anything less than sophisticated? Your dream home calls for nothing but the best in terms of style, décor and design—and in today’s blog, we’ll show you how to get there! Just take a look.

Swap bean bags for chic poufs and ottomans

In your college dorm room or first apartment, bean bags provided an easy way to kick back and relax, lending a casual style to your space. For a sophisticated upgrade, without sacrificing the comfort and casual feel, opt for stylish poufs and fabric ottomans! They provide cozy places to read or relax with friends, while still helping to maintain a sleek, stylish feel.

Opt for elegant, customizable lighting

When you were designing on a budget, string lights provided the ultimate way to add a gentle glow to your space—there’s a reason why they are the still go-to option for young adults across the country! However, to upgrade your design for a more elegant look, consider adding wall sconces or recessed lighting with dimmable bulbs. That way, you can still enjoy the gentle, not-too-bright glow without having to worry about those string lights falling or skewing out of place.

Frame your favorite photos and artwork

Artwork doesn’t have to be formal! Simple family photos and handmade works of art receive a stylish upgrade when they’re placed inside sleek frames, as opposed to being hung up with tape or push pins.

Create design motifs throughout your space

One surefire way to add a sense of sophistication to your space, is to establish recurring motifs, or similar design styles. This can be achieved through the picture frames you use, towels and linens, and other staples that are found throughout the home. The end result? A cohesive space, one that feels carefully and intentionally-planned out.

Avoid aiming for perfection

When designing a sophisticated space, there’s no need to aim for perfection! Your home doesn’t need to feature curtains that match exactly with your pillows, or coffee table accents that are never out of place. Sometimes, the casual look—the statement pieces that stand out, instead of perfectly fitting in—is the most appealing and well-designed.

With these simple solutions, your home will become the center of sophistication you always knew it could be.

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