5 Tips for Maintaining That New-Home Feel

Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 9:40AM

5 Tips for Maintaining That New-Home Feel

Moving into a brand-new home is something special. Every little thing feels like a discovery—from light switches to kitchen cupboards to your bedroom closet!

That feeling doesn’t have to fade. Even as you start to settle in, marking your space with the photos and personal touches that make a house a home, there are still plenty of ways to maintain that initial sense of allure, excitement, and “aah” every time you walk through the door.

Wondering what they are? Take a look at today’s blog for a few of our best ideas!

Don’t rush to get it right

A common feeling for new homeowners is one of frenzy, a need to clear away the boxes and find a new spot for every tool, trinket, book, toy, shirt, shoe… you get the idea. While unpacking is an obvious place to start, however, don’t feel the need to rush to get everything perfectly settled right away. Doing so is a natural process of trial and error, and the feeling of satisfaction when you work out the perfect organizational system or storage solution is one that should be savored, not sped through!

And of course, it’s okay to have an empty drawer or shelf on your bookcase as you wait to get it all organized. You’ll appreciate having that empty space ready when you finally realize what to do with it.

Embrace new experiences

Constantly keep your home feeling fresh by doing new things! There are lots of “firsts” when it comes to moving into your dream home: first dinner, first guests, first party, first barbecue, and more. They don’t have to stop! Strive for new experiences and embrace their novelty: things like move nights, potluck get togethers, baking adventures and just about everything in between.

Keep an eye out for décor, trinkets, and other touches

Achieving the perfect look doesn’t stop with wall paint or the right furniture… in fact, we say it’s an ongoing process! As you shop, travel, and explore in the months following move-in, always be sure to keep an eye out for new décor pieces to bring home. When you walk through the door with a new piece of wall art or one-of-a-kind figurine, you’ll feel that sense of novelty all over again.

Indulge in the little luxuries

Takeout dinners, house cleanings, flowers for the kitchen countertop: these little luxuries aren’t just for the days and weeks following move-in. From time to time, treat yourself (and your home) to these simple pleasures for a way to maintain that feeling of excitement and appreciation for your space!

Lean toward minimalism

When in doubt, take the minimalist route. A home that’s in control of its clutter, one whose flourishes of décor and personality stand out against a neat, clean backdrop, has a fresh look to it—so embrace yours to the fullest.

These tips, plus the quality materials of your Kargar custom construction, are sure to make your home feel like new long after move-in day.

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