5 Smart Ways to Repurpose Holiday Décor

Wed, Jan 04, 2017 at 11:05AM

5 Smart Ways to Repurpose Holiday Décor

Reindeer, elves, and twinkling holiday lights add a sense of warmth to the holiday season—but there’s no reason to put away all the decorations once the season ends! Some timeless pieces can be reused or reimagined to serve as stylish décor throughout the year. Just take a look at some of the fun ideas below!

Add ambiance with leftover lights

Don’t be so quick to stow away your Christmas lights—they can add a fun, warm and playful ambiance to your space even after the holidays are over. Kids will enjoy having a multicolored light show in their rooms, while grown-up spaces like your patio or outdoor kitchen can benefit from warm twinkling strings of light. Wrap them around columns or your backyard palm trees for a fun, truly Floridian look.

Create playful wrapping paper art

Today, there are so many beautiful, artistic wrapping paper varieties available—many of which are much too pretty to throw away once the holidays are over! You can frame your favorite designs and use them to dress up blank walls throughout your home—guests might confuse these pieces of art for true designs, not the paper scraps they really are!

Turn an ornament into a terrarium

If you stocked up on clear ornaments this holiday season, put your leftovers to use and make them into tiny terrariums! Kids will enjoy this unique way to bring nature into the home. Fill an ornament with sand, dirt, leaves and other items to create a one-of-a-kind natural environment young explorers will enjoy peering into.

Make Christmas card keepsakes

To keep treasured Christmas cards close to your heart, paste them together to create a flipbook or frame especially vibrant cards to showcase meaningful messages. You’ll enjoy seeing the thoughtfulness of family and friends year-round!

Design gift bag arts and crafts

As you delve into arts and crafts in 2017, try substituting old gift bags for traditional craft materials like cardstock. The two materials have similar thickness, and the whimsical gift bags can add a special flair to crafts such as homemade pinwheels or a banner of bright flags for a kid’s room.

We hope that these ideas help your home look its holiday best, even when the holidays are over. Share your own repurposing ideas with us in the comments!

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