5 New Ways to Hang Up Your Stockings

Mon, Dec 05, 2016 at 5:00PM

5 New Ways to Hang Up Your Stockings

Tradition says that holiday stockings look best hung up above the fireplace—and while we love this picturesque placement, it doesn’t work for everyone (most notably those homes that don’t have fireplaces of their own!). Fortunately, there’s more than one way to hang up a stocking—and we’re looking at five of them in today’s blog.

Hang them along your staircase

A staircase filled with stockings is probably one of the most popular alternatives for homes that don’t have a fireplace. It’s an easy way to display your family’s stockings in all their seasonal glory, and it’s sure to light up your family members’ faces as they head up and down the stairs all season long.

Use an old coat rack…

We may not get much use out of our coat racks here in Florida, but this holiday season offers you the chance to reimagine yours for a new purpose—a stocking holder! Hang your family’s stockings from a stand-up or on-the-wall coat rack for an easy, no-fuss display. To add a bit more festivity to your repurposed coat rack, you can also try painting it red or gold ahead of time. Keep it in a visible spot of your home, like the entryway or family room, and watch as family and friends ogle at the unique decoration.

…or repurpose an unused headboard

If you have an old headboard lying somewhere in your garage, it might be a smart spot to hang your stockings from. Paint over your old headboard (and maybe leave a special message for Santa), then affix it to one of your home’s walls for an easy spot to hang your stockings from.

Spruce up plain doors with colorful stockings

If you have a door with lots of surface area (like a large cabinet or pantry door), you might consider hanging your stockings from there to create visual interest and, of course, a festive reminder of the season every time you open up for a quick snack.

For homes that are limited on space, you can also attach stockings to the bedroom doors of the people they belong to. Young kids will enjoy having something with their name on it, and will likely start checking for stocking surprises long before the 25th.

Create a stockings wall

Have an unused, empty patch of wall in your home? This season, turn it into your stockings wall! You can create a unique decorative display by stringing up your family’s stockings (either directly onto the wall or from sturdy, colorful ribbon).

Where do you like to hang up your stockings? Share your ideas with us below!


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