5 Keys to an Outdoor Space You Love

Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 12:31PM

5 Keys to an Outdoor Space You Love

Charm. Light. A place to gather. For all the unique ways we can customize an outdoor space, the basics behind one are surprisingly simple.

In today’s blog, we will be exploring the five fundamental keys to an outdoor space you love. Take a look!


Any outdoor space should be comfortable, first and foremost. Comfort comes in many forms—from climate to the chair you’re sitting in—but essentially, it’s what separates an ordinary lawn or patio into a space you truly want to enjoy and spend time in.

So… what does that entail, exactly? Like we mentioned before, a lot of it has to do with the climate of your space. While you may not be able to control Florida’s often-unpredictable weather, you can create a space that works around it with ceiling fans, screens, and overhead structures such as an awning that can help to keep guests dry.

A common misconception with lawn and patio furniture is that it’s uncomfortable. Maybe it used to be that way, but today’s materials and design standards give you more variety than ever when it comes to choosing an outdoor living space that matches the style and comfort of your indoor one.


While the accessibility of your outdoor space is typically not something you need to worry about (especially with a luxury builder like Kargar), it’s always worth considering. Keep your sofas, fire pit, and other outdoor features close to the home and easily accessible—as opposed to in the middle of your yard—so they can be enjoyed more frequently.


Food is the anchor of all kinds of entertaining, from family get togethers to lavish dinner parties to simply hanging out poolside. As a result, outdoor spaces that are conducive to these occasions are ideal! That could mean anything from taking full advantage of your spacious outdoor kitchen, to installing a pass-through window and counter outdoors for easy access from the kitchen to the patio.

Fun for all

Even the most elegant outdoor spaces can benefit from a touch of fun—whether that comes in the form of a classic backyard swimming pool to a glowing fire pit to a playground for the kids you can watch as you kick back on the patio. For families who love their TV and movies, an outdoor TV and speaker setup can make it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite shows with ease.

A great view

Finally, a great outdoor space comes complete with an equally stunning view. You don’t need to live on the beach or up in the mountains to enjoy this kind of view, however. Simply pick a focal point in your yard (whether it’s the golf course your home overlooks, or a picturesque garden setting) and frame your space around it! It will provide the perfect backdrop to any and all adventures you enjoy outdoors.

Are you crafting a custom outdoor space? Let us know your vision and design inspiration, and we’ll work to make it happen in your Kargar home!

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