5 Helpful Hosting Ideas for Thanksgiving and Beyond

Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 5:15PM

5 Helpful Hosting Ideas for Thanksgiving and Beyond

Wondering how to be the “host with the most” … while still finding time to enjoy dinner yourself? This Thanksgiving and all season long, a few simple tips can help you do just that!

Read on to see five of our favorite, no-fuss hosting tips.

Clean up as you go

When you’re playing the role of host, the task of cleanup and food prep can make you feel detached from your own party! For an easy way to stay immersed in the action, take the “clean-as-you-go-approach,” bringing dirty plates/snack refreshments as you come and go. This will help prevent messes from piling up and pulling you away from the fun.

Increase your serving surface

Entertaining a large group of people? To supplement the serving space provided by your existing table and countertop surfaces, throw a tablecloth over an old nightstand, card table, etc. No one will be able to tell the difference, and it will be that much easier to lay out all the chips, drinks, and treats you have on hand.

Make it interactive

Interactive touches not only add a personal element to your party—they mean less work for you, too! At Thanksgiving, for example, guests can doodle or describe what they’re thankful for on chalkboard-painted jars. Come the holidays, kids will enjoy designing their very own ornaments. These little features are simple to add to your party, serving as ready-made conversation starters which are sure to keep the laughs coming all night long.

Dare to DIY

Speaking of making less work for yourself, why not enlist the help of a DIY route? Whether it’s a buffet table where guests can fill up their own cups and plates, or a “lazy Susan” that lets them pass food around with ease, these do-it-yourself features give you the chance to kick back, relax, and be a part of your own party.

Prepare leftover to-go jars

For the loved ones who couldn’t come to dinner (or the ones who simply can’t get enough), prepare convenient leftover jars filled with layers of the feast’s favorite dishes: mashed potatoes topped with gravy, stuffing, and a sweet cap of cranberry sauce, for example. We all love leftovers, but if you find that you have more on hand than you know what to do with, this is a great option.

We here at Kargar hope that these tips help you enjoy a smoother hosting experience… and that you have a very happy Thanksgiving and holiday season to come!

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