5 Handy Back-to-School Home Improvement Projects

Mon, Aug 01, 2016 at 1:20PM

5 Handy Back-to-School Home Improvement Projects

Here in Florida, the arrival of August also means the arrival of back-to-school season. We know that this is a time often filled with trips to the store for clothes and school supplies, as well as last-minute questions about schedules and after school activities. To cut down on the chaos, why not get your home ready for the school year now?

There are several ways to help your home switch gears and get school year ready. Take a look at our four favorite ideas below.

Deep clean, especially commonly used spaces

The process of going back to school and readjusting to your family’s new schedule can be taxing—leaving lots of potential for messes and clutter to go unnoticed. To avoid this from happening (or to at least counteract its effects), take some time now to deep clean commonly used spaces. These include the kitchen, kids’ bathroom, study area, and more. By starting the school year on the right foot, your family will be able to stay on track with greater ease.

Improve storage

As another means of combating clutter problems, look for ways to improve the storage in these kid-frequented spots. You might want to consider adding a new shelving unit to your kids’ bedrooms or study area in order to give them an easy way to clean up at the end of the day. Other storage tools can be small but impactful, like ottomans or benches hollowed out for easy storage of toys and books.

Rethink the kids’ closets

For older kids especially, the closet can become quite cluttered once they have to start getting ready for school every day. Choosing an outfit might be hard, but you can help make it a little easier on them by rethinking their closet space. Add in modular closet storage pieces if needed, to create extra storage for belts, shoes, socks and more. You can also pick up special hangers with multiple tiers perfect for hanging up several shirts, if space is at a premium (which it often is in kids’ closets!).

Add a fresh coat of paint for inspired, creative thinking

To get the school year started off on a positive, inspired note, consider adding a fresh coat of paint to a space where your kids spend the most time—the study, their bedrooms, wherever it might be. Using a new color that inspires thought and creativity (such as purple, blue or green) might be just what you need.

Which of these ideas do you plan on trying this August? Be sure to let us know! We hope that each improvement makes a positive impact on you and your family, now and throughout the year.

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