5 Fun Ways to Spend Leap Day

Thu, Feb 04, 2016 at 9:25PM

Every four years at the end of February, we get a special treat: more time! February 29th, more commonly known as Leap Day, exists thanks to the extra hours it takes for the Earth to revolve around the sun—it actually takes about 365 days and six hours, so we make up for it every four years by adding an extra day to the calendar.

Of course, from your day-to-day perspective you probably won’t feel any different on February 29th—after all, it’s just another Monday—but there are a few ways you can make the day more special for yourself and your family. We’re sharing five fun ways to spend the day in today’s blog.

Reach out to a “Leap Year Baby” in your life

If you or someone in your life was born on a Leap Day, you probably know the importance of celebrating the “official” day every time it rolls around. This year, make a special effort to reach out to a friend, relative or coworker with a Leap Day birthday.

Watch your favorite movies about time

What better day to think about time than on Leap Day? Once you’re through wrapping your head around the logistics behind February 29th, settle down to enjoy one (or several) of your favorite movies concerning time. Whether that’s “Groundhog Day,” “Back to the Future” or another classic favorite, a relaxing afternoon spent watching a movie with the family is always a fun thing to enjoy.

Devote time to an old hobby or interest

Throughout the years, you may have let an old hobby or interest fall to the wayside due to not having enough time. It happens to all of us! However, with an extra day on your hands, you may want to use this chance to get back into your old pastimes. Whether that’s gardening, swimming, photography, painting—you name it—you will be glad you did.

Do something for the community

It’s always good to help the community through volunteer work and other projects—why not mark off Leap Day as your personal day of service? You can head out with the whole family to pick up garbage, work at a food bank, beautify the community, etc. There’s bound to be something going on in your area—just find something you’re passionate about and dive in!

Make a four-year plan

Leap Days offer you the perfect chance to sit down and think about the four years ahead. Where do you want to be on the next Leap Day, or the one after that? Make a list or email yourself a letter of things you’d like to accomplish by the time the next four years are over. This is a fun and effective way to evaluate your goals and think about the road ahead.

Which of these fun ideas will you be trying at the end of this month? We hope that your Leap Day is enjoyable, memorable… and maybe even a little inspirational, too!

5 Fun Ways to Spend Leap Day

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