5 Fun Firsts to Look Forward to as a New Homeowner

Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 12:31PM

5 Fun Firsts to Look Forward to as a New Homeowner

Moving into your dream home? The process is especially exciting for first-time homeowners who are just getting used to having a space of their own.

As is the case with any life event, this one is rife with exciting firsts to look forward to. We’re exploring five fun, silly, and memorable firsts to enjoy in today’s blog!

The first night

The first night in your new home is always an exciting one. You probably don’t feel completely settled yet—boxes and bags might still be waiting to be unpacked—but that just adds to the novelty of it all! Acquainting yourself with your new digs feels fresh and fun… even when it comes to seemingly mundane activities like laying out new sheets or discovering a new light switch.

The first homecooked meal

If you’ve moved once or twice before, you’re probably used to a routine of snacks and takeout as the unpacking process continues. After a couple of nights of pizza and Chines food, the prospect of a homecooked meal is that much more exciting—and, when it finally happens, that much tastier!

It could be anything from a carefully-prepared pot roast to a simpler but just-as-delicious taco night. Or maybe even a batch of homemade cookies! Either way, the process of cooking will create a warm, familiar aroma that pervades the entire home. It’s just one milestone that makes you feel like you’re truly starting to settle into your dream space.

The first get together

Once you’ve finally started to get into the groove of things, you’re probably ready to entertain some guests! Whether it’s friends from work or family who’s flying in to see your new space, the chance to host your loved ones in a brand-new setting you love is truly a memorable “first.”

The first big addition

A little change is always a good thing—especially when it comes in the form of a new addition to your home and family! Whether it’s a new member of the family or a four-legged friend, the chance to welcome them into a home you’ve crafted to perfection is a milestone worthy of celebrating.

The first holidays

You may not be thinking about the holidays in the midst of summer—but before you know it, October will be here! With it comes Halloween and an ensuing season’s worth of sweets, family time, and decorations galore. You could be doing something as elaborate as hosting a Thanksgiving feast, or as simple as cozying up to holiday movies on the couch. Either way, the first holiday season in your new home brings about a feeling of warmth and comfort like nothing else.

Are you excited to experience these milestones (and more) in your new home? Wherever you are in the custom construction process, Kargar is here to help pave the way for the endless memories you’re sure to make.

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