5 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Wed, Oct 07, 2015 at 4:25PM

Why purchase premade Halloween decorations? If you have one or two creative kids, they’ll eagerly whip up plenty of crafts and décor items this season. Here are a few ideas to try for your Daytona Beach home this upcoming holiday:

Egg carton spiders

One easy Halloween craft is the classic egg carton spider. Take an old, empty egg carton and separate the individual egg “cups”—each cup will be a spider, so be sure to divide among kids! Next, paint the cups black on a safe surface. Let them dry and glue on googly eyes, chenille stick legs, and other small decorations. When you’re finished, the spider’s “head” should be the closed part of the cup. Place the finished spiders on your fireplace mantle, foyer table, or anywhere else that may need some Halloween spirit.

Paper plate fun

This Halloween, one of the easiest crafts you can do requires only a paper plate, markers, tape and tissues. Have your child design a friendly ghost’s face on their paper plate using markers or googly eyes. Next, tape tissue, tissue paper or white party streamers to the back of the plate to make the ghost’s body. Hang the paper plate on your front door, your child’s room or right on the fridge.

Character party favors

If you’re throwing the neighborhood Halloween party this year, feel free to get creative with the party favors! Using ordinary brown paper bags as your base, have your child create characterized masterpieces by coloring the bags and gluing fun “add-ons” like bat wings, ribbons or a pumpkin stem. Use these bags to stash your guests’ post party treats like candy and baked goods. You’ll be able to keep with the theme of Halloween, and your child will love that they got to help out!

Mason jar luminaries

No matter the holiday, some creative lighting is always sure to get you in the spirit. Halloween is no different! You and your child can create your own Mason jar luminaries with just a few around the house supplies. Use your jar and a battery powered tea light candle to provide for the warm lighting effect. On the outside of the jar, wrap white tissue paper around and stick on googly eyes (or draw them on yourself) to create a mummy or ghost themed jar. You can also use other colors such as orange, green or purple and glue on easy-to-recognize Halloween silhouettes, such as bat, cat or ghost cutouts. Once you’re all finished, gently place your handmade luminaries by your front door or on an indoor surface to provide some themed lighting.

Halloween wreath

For a simple craft that all the trick-or-treaters will notice, a Halloween wreath is a great option. Start with a basic vine wreath base and attach fun add-ons. These can be anything from orange ribbon to hoist the wreath up to large cut-out letters that spell out “BOO” or “Trick or Treat.” Whatever you spell out, you’re sure to capture the attention of every trick-or-treater that stops by.


5 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

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