2015 in Daytona Beach Interior Design

Tue, Jan 06, 2015 at 10:15AM

As many of us start on renovation projects and décor changes this year, we’ve put together a few interior design trends that are worth trying out. Use these to breathe new life into your Daytona home!

Rustic touch

In today’s luxury home, you see refinement everywhere you go. From marble floors to granite countertops, smooth, high-quality surfaces are key. While we love these materials, why not mix it up with contrasting, natural elements? Instead of going for a “rustic-themed” kitchen, instill the natural look in small accents throughout your home. A statement piece of wall art or pair of floor vases in a rich wood finish are a few ways to accomplish that. Even ultra-modern kitchens can look great with a contrasting rustic wood bench or stone wall.


We’re not talking about industrial, all-metal rooms here! A popular trend we’re seeing in homes is the extra attention to metallic detail in things like bathroom hardware and kitchen décor. Adding intricate pieces of metallic décor or simply switching out the knobs and handles in your home for more elaborate ones might do the trick.

Style fusion

Not everything has to be perfectly put together; try switching things up by meshing different styles, textures and color schemes. Mix a modern white sofa with a more traditional quilt or throw pillow, for example.

Gentle hues

We still love a pop of bold color, but that’s not the only way to make an impression in a room! Toned-down versions of your favorite colors are being used as accent walls and accessories, complemented by cool grays and browns. Experiment and see what works best in your space!

2015 in Daytona Beach Interior Design

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