10 Things That Makes Your Home Look More Cluttered Than It Is

Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 10:31AM

10 Things That Makes Your Home Look More Cluttered Than It Is

It’s a common goal to strive for a clean, beautiful home—especially as we enter a fresh new year! Many times, however, it’s all too easy for small instances of clutter to detract from an otherwise sparkling space. In today’s blog, we will be taking a look at ten common spots that can make your home look messier than it really is—as well as a few simple ways to fix them!

Overflowing mail pile

Junk mail may not be exciting, but it’s worth sifting through at the end of the day—especially since an overflowing pile of mail can make your home’s foyer space seem cluttered or disorganized. If you need a handy space to store mail while it waits to be read, try designating a handy drawer as a storage spot. You can also use a decorative wall piece as a place to hold your mail and hang your keys in a neat, organized way.

Untucked linens

Even the neatest bedroom can look a little less picturesque due to untucked linens or wrinkled sheets. By taking a minute or two every day to keep your linens looking neat, you can add to a feeling of overall cleanliness in your space.

Disorganized books

A bookshelf filled to the brim with your favorite books is a good thing! Of course, it can also be an easy spot for clutter to collect. Keep your bookshelves clear of mail and other small items, and stack your books neatly to maximize your space and avoid your favorite novels from slipping out of place. Also be sure to dust your bookshelves regularly so that you can keep your space looking fresh.

Container pileup

You can have too much of a good thing—especially when it comes to your containers and kitchen organizers. To keep them from spilling out of your cabinets every time you open them, add a handy stacking shelf to your cabinet to keep them neatly stacked and contained.

Out-of-place chairs

Even something as simple as a pulled-out chair can detract from a feeling of order in your kitchen or dining room. Keep your chairs straight to avoid this common oversight, and to keep your floors and pathways clear for foot traffic.

Misaligned hangers

When it comes to your closet, a few misaligned hangers sticking out of place can create a feeling of disorder. You can double up on items (placing a shirt and accompanying sweater on one hanger, for example) to keep your closet a little less stuffed. You can also invest in special anti-slip hangers that cling onto your clothes and keep their place in the closet.

Scattered glasses

Even the cleanest kitchen countertop can look cluttered when cups and glasses are left out. Encourage your family and guests to stick to one cup each, so there’s less countertop clutter (and less to clean up later, too!).

Unfolded towels

To keep your closet from looking messy, always be sure to fold towels and linens with care so that ends aren’t spilling over one another. You can use shelf dividers to tidy up your space and achieve this with ease.

Shoes in the entryway

An otherwise spotless entryway crowded with shoes, bags and other outside gear is a common issue for many families. A shoe rack or convenient bin could keep this spot from distracting from your home’s style and décor.

Countertop overload

Even a neat desk or countertop can look messier than it really is, especially when it’s crowded with pencil holders, knick-knacks, and other items. Keep visual distractions to a minimum by decorating your walls instead of the desk or countertop itself, and take advantage of hidden storage options to keep your items neatly stowed away.

As you spend time deep cleaning your home this year, you can take solace in the fact that these quick fixes won’t require much elbow grease—just a few minutes and an observant eye!

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